Any Vegas 16 users?

raviawana59 wrote on 3/8/2021, 9:25 AM

Hey guys. longtime user of Vegas, recently got Vegas Pro 16 on both my PC's. I was excited to use the motion tracking, but for some reason my install is missing the script that allows you to apply tracking data to an image or text.

It would be of massive help to me if someone could put those script files up for download, as I've tried searching for them and had no luck. >spam deleted>

Thanks in advance. >spam deleted>


wwaag wrote on 3/8/2021, 6:51 PM

If the script you are looking for is named, "Copy Motion Track to PiP.cs" you can download here.

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Robert Johnston wrote on 9/17/2023, 12:56 PM

@raviawana59 @wwaag

The script downloaded from needs two edits to make it work with Vegas Pro 21 and earlier versions when plugins with "sony" turned into "vegas." In lines 180 and 182, change "sony" to "vegas"

Change lines 180 and 182.

From: const string bzMaskingPlugin = "{Svfx:com.sonycreativesoftware:bzmasking}";
To:     const string bzMaskingPlugin = "{Svfx:com.vegascreativesoftware:bzmasking}";

From: const string pipPlugin = "{Svfx:com.sonycreativesoftware:pictureinpicture}";
To:     const string pipPlugin = "{Svfx:com.vegascreativesoftware:pictureinpicture}";

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