Anybody able to burn at high speeds with a USB 2.0 cd-burner?

beggehorn wrote on 9/13/2003, 1:14 PM
I'm having problems using my Plextor 48/24/48U (USB 2.0) external burner within CDA5 (WinXP). This drive works great and at high speeds with Dantz Retrospect (backup software) and EZCD Creator. Yesterday I burned a disc "successfully" (with red book compliance), at a whopping 4-6X average speed, that would not play in my cd player. My old drive (Plextor 8/2/20 SCSI) burned perfect discs at full speed that always played. I'm convinced CDA5 has USB 2.0 issues as I've browsed the forum and have noticed others with the same problems. My ASPI layer and drive's firmware is up to date. I'm also following SF's advice for solving buffer underruns:


captn_spalding wrote on 9/13/2003, 6:06 PM
I use the same plextor on 400 mhz p2 running win 2k pro with CDA5 and have had no problems. I burn at speeds from 4x to 16x and of the thousands of disc i've burned i've not had one complaint. For what it's worth I use only Taiyo Yuden cd-r's - I'll not get into the debate about which dye is better, I just know that the TY's have worked for me. Is it possible that your problem is in the media? were you using the same media in the Scsi burner?
One other thing, the plextor is plugged into an adaptec usb 2.0 pci adapter. When i was running the original cda 5 beta I had issues until I downloaded the version 2 drivers for the adaptec. I've never had a scsi burner so i cant comment on usb vs scsi

beggehorn wrote on 9/15/2003, 12:48 PM
Thanks Cap'n. I've been using Sony media for the last few years and have never had problems. I did try a few other brands with the same results, including a cheap-o and Apogee (not sure who OEM's this for them). My USB 2.0 port is built into my Intel board (D850EMV2) with the lastest drivers. I just did a reformat and fresh install of WinXP and updated every app and driver. Windows Update actually found an updated driver from Intel. This drive gives an immediate buffer underrun error running Power-Rec (Plextor's feature that optimizes burn speed and intensity for the media you're using) and at all speeds down to 12x or so. The buffer runs out over time (drains the status bar) at 8-10x, and when I chose 6x, burned a disc at 3-5x average speed that would not play in my cd player even though it was a "successful" burn. Has your Plextor ever hit 30x and higher on a full disc burn? Like I said, this same drive works on the same system and media with all my other programs. I burn discs that play just fine at 30x+ speeds (using Power-Rec) with EZCD Creator. Sound like a CDA5 incompatability with WinXP, Intel onboard USB, or a combination. Would love to figure this out.
captn_spalding wrote on 9/15/2003, 8:33 PM
Never have hit anything near that speed. Except for an occasional one-of for my own use, I always create an image and burn from that. Never have had burnsafe kick in. I usually run those at 16x. The one-of's will usually cause the buffer to empty 3 or 4 times at 16x for a 60 min cd. They play fine even on my car's cd player which is the most tempermental player i have ever run into - the TY's are the only cd-r's that it will play!