Anyone using a Zen 3 processor? 5900X, 5900X?

Hulk wrote on 1/12/2021, 2:24 PM

I realize these processors are unobtanium right now but some people do have them. Benchmarks have been pretty astounding so I'm wondering if anyone here is using one and how the experience has been? I'm going to be building a new system soon. Rocket Lake looks promising but tops out at 8 cores, I may want to go a little higher core count for multitasking purposes. You know, rendering one project while editing another, things like that which pop up now and then.


JN- wrote on 1/13/2021, 4:25 AM

@Hulk If you do build that 5900x type system, and you have the time to, maybe consider adding it to the Benchmarking thread. The link is in my signature.


VFR2CFR, Variable frame rate to Constant frame rate link here.

Copies Video Converts Audio to AAC, link here.

Benchmarking thread

Codec Render Quality tables


PC ... Corsair case, own build ...

CPU .. i9 9900K, iGpu UHD 630

Memory .. 32GB DDR4

Graphics card .. MSI RTX 2080 ti

Graphics driver .. latest studio

PSU .. Corsair 850i

Mboard .. Asus Z390 Code


Laptop ... (Acer Predator G9-793-77AC)

CPU .. i7-6700HQ Skylake-H

Memory ..32 GB DDR4, was previously 16 GB

Graphics card .. Nvidia GTX 1070

Graphics driver .. latest studio

Hulk wrote on 1/13/2021, 7:55 AM

Yes of course. I'll do that regardless if I go Zen 3 or Rocket Lake. I'm also curious as to the performance of the new graphics in Rocket Lake. The integrated graphics are at the level of lower end discrete solutions. In my experience while Intel's past integrated solutions haven't been extremely powerful they have been very stable with Vegas. The new Xe graphics could provide a very nice, stable system-on-a chip solution for Vegas with the 8 Sunny Cove cores on Rocket Lake.

Reyfox wrote on 1/13/2021, 8:30 AM

This article will give you an idea of what to expect from Ryzen using Vegas Pro.

Hulk wrote on 1/13/2021, 8:41 AM


Thanks for sharing the link. Very informative.

Zen 3 should do a lot better than the Zen 2 tests in that article. The combination of the improved Zen 3 architecture and better memory subsystem (and higher clocks) should really get Vegas moving. Average improvement from Zen 2 to 3 is about 19% so it'll be interesting to see how that pans out for Vegas.

Reyfox wrote on 1/13/2021, 8:50 AM

@Hulk no problem. As posted above, also consider what other software you will be using. I am quite content with my 3900X. I can wait for prices to drop on either Zen2 or 3. I am in no rush..... who knows what the next version of Ryzen will be like?

Hulk wrote on 1/13/2021, 8:56 AM

Don't get me wrong, the 3900X is a beast! Plus with a BIOS update on your motherboard you could always pop in a 5900X and get even more compute from your current rig.

My other compute heavy application is multitrack recording/mixing with Presonus Studio One and an RME Fireface 802 interface. So my next build will be constructed around Vegas Pro and Studio One.

Reyfox wrote on 1/13/2021, 9:10 AM

When I built my current computer over a year ago, it was with the idea of being able to drop in a new CPU with no problem. The Ryzen 5000 series are stellar, but so is a 3950X. I have PCIe 4.0 already (using X570 board), so this current computer in a Phanteks P400A RGB case is enough to last me a long time. I have an AIO still sitting in the box because the stock cooler is working just fine. And I have to say, AMD VCE is really great. Never an issue with drivers, which I never keep up to date. If it isn't broken, why fix it.

There is no rush for me. I thought about adding another 32GB of RAM, but my work load doesn't demand it.

Also do light mixing with Reaper. I record all the tracks at church and bring it home to use on this computer. But Reaper runs well on the under powered laptop at church just fine.

It just seems that prices and availability are insane at the moment.

Hulk wrote on 1/13/2021, 9:18 AM

You have a powerful rig there. No need to fiddle with it. My 4770k if from 2013! It has served me well but it's time to move on. I can't run the number of plug-ins I want to with Studio One and editing/rendering in Vegas Pro could be snappier.

And yes prices are nuts right now. It's not the time to buy any type of "organized sand" if you don't have to. SSD's, CPU's, motherboards, etc... all demanding premiums if you can even find them. I'll wait a few months until supply catches up with demand.

I think what happened is that covid simultaneously caused hiccups in the electronics supply chain and increased demand due to working/schooling remotely. Production always seems to have a knee-jerk way of "over" catching up so I'm expecting prices to go the other way by summer or earlier. I'm already seeing some stock for the 5900X at the Microcenter in Philadelphia.

Reyfox wrote on 1/13/2021, 1:15 PM

Prices are insane for sure. I would like to get a new graphics card, but I am not willing to be "robbed" to get it. With everyone home, people spent money. The PC I have now replaced my "old" Ryzen 1700X computer.

Yes, demand is exceedingly high right now for PC parts. In the States, the parts are much cheaper than here in the land of VAT, Europe. We were Stateside a little over a year ago, so I hit up Microcenter in Maryland for SSD's, NVME's, graphics card for the wife's computer and would have bought more if they had the RAM I was looking for. But I certainly would not buy a video card now.

You are wise to wait.