Apple acquires Emagic

doctorfish wrote on 7/1/2002, 8:19 AM
A copied article from the Emagic website:

Apple Acquires Emagic
July 1st 2002

CUPERTINO, California and HAMBURG, Germany -- July 1, 2002 --
Apple today announced it has acquired Emagic, a leading provider of professional software solutions for computer based music production. Emagic's most popular product, Logic, is actively used by over 200,000 musicians around the world. Emagic will operate as a wholly owned division of Apple.

"Emagic has set the industry standard for professional music creation and production," said Sina Tamaddon, Apple's senior vice president of Applications. "We're very excited to have the Emagic team join Apple and create more amazing products for musicians."

Macintosh-based products account for over 65 percent of Emagic's current revenues. Emagic's Windows-based product offerings will be discontinued on September 30, 2002.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.

Well, it seems like Vegas is losing a competitor as of September 30.
Will SF then give Vegas a huge audio push/upgrade to fill the void????????

I hope so.



SHTUNOT wrote on 7/1/2002, 9:22 AM
Ya Beat me to it! Over at the cubase forums it seems though that the only company that the people in the forums are considering competition is CAKEWALK[for PC]. With Vegas's r&d split between VIDEO/audio I'm not sure that vegas will keep up as well with them in development of audio features. Makes me glad I forked over the dough and Bought Sonar 2.0XL. Now nomatter what I'm covered. This is going to get interesting in the comming months! Later.
doctorfish wrote on 7/1/2002, 9:53 AM
I agree. That's why I posted this message here.

SF's R&D for Vegas has been quite split between video and audio,
and I think really we agree here that it hasn't been an equal split recently.

If ever there were a time for Vegas to make a MAJOR AUDIO leap forward this is it.

I love Vegas, and with a few additions, it could reign in the PC world.



SHTUNOT wrote on 7/1/2002, 10:18 AM
drbam wrote on 7/1/2002, 11:30 AM
<<I love Vegas, and with a few additions, it could reign in the PC world.>>

I feel the same. I think Vegas is great. . . but because of SoFo's recent focus on video market I am nervous about the future of Vegas, at least for my audio only application. I've been considering adding Sonar to my system to kind of "hedge my bets" in this regard.

Mus wrote on 7/1/2002, 12:40 PM

What is Audio editing like in Sonar?


fosko wrote on 7/1/2002, 1:04 PM
I have one word for SoFo.....

(ok. so it's an acronym ;-)
Rednroll wrote on 7/1/2002, 1:47 PM
And one word to compliment that "Opcode".
Buy the rights to Studio Vision and implement it into Vegas.
ramallo wrote on 7/2/2002, 5:42 AM

Is a nice new, OS and audio editor work together and developed thogether, for a unique hardware, and in a Unix based OS.

I have great hopes with this new.

My two cents. for Apple

Rahl wrote on 7/2/2002, 5:48 AM
I think it's time for Sonic Foundry and step up to the plate and create the leading PC audio app to replace the void that will be left by the departure of Logic. In my opinion, SF should beef up Vagas audio capabilities, drop the Video tag out of Vegas and play with the big boys. Cakewalk and Sonic Foundry are basically the two only audio companies left that truly support the PC platform, and now is the time to get ahead of the competition.

I feel a major migration to MAC computers, why not? Digidesign doesn't really support the PC and Logic is now out of our hands.

I just hope Sonic Foundry decides to wake up and push the audio side of their products. They would probabl come out on top in the PC market.
PeterWright wrote on 7/2/2002, 9:11 AM
There I was, happily authoring DVDs with SpruceUp, when Apple bought and discontinued it. Bugger.

Ah well, I’ll get on with some music creation with Logic.
What’s that? Apple have bought and discontinued it? Bugger again.

They’d better keep their thieving hands off Sonic Foundry.
That would REALLY upset me!
How did they get so much money anyway – I didn’t realise there were so many over-resourced pony-tailed screensaver worshippers.
Chienworks wrote on 7/2/2002, 10:35 AM
Did SpruceUp stop working? Will Logic stop working?

I use lots of discontinued and abandoned software: Windows 98SE, Office 97, Access 2.0, Visual Basic 3.0, Micrografx Webtricity 2, Sonic Foundry Viscosity 1.5, Sonic Foundry Siren 2.0, etc ... It works, it's paid for, and it gets the job done.
SHTUNOT wrote on 7/2/2002, 12:40 PM
I'm still curious what role the next version of ACID[4] will play in all this. The next version of vegas is a while off I think. 8-12 months? But the next version of acid should be right around the corner...someone found a sales page made up for acid 4 already so I'm assuming the ball is rolling for a release soon[don't hold me to this].IMHO ACID Pro 4 has a great chance of "snatching" a big portion of the market if Acid r&d had accomplished much of what was suggested on the last "wishlist". Plus many musicians who own cubase/logic own acid for its strenghs as a looping/scoring tool. If I were sofo I would halt the release untill I beefed up acid till it was about to burst![unless it has been already] That way after all these users upgrade they be dumbfounded at why they would want go back and use the other app. Personally I would pay $199 for a upgrade if it meant that I would get my FULL moneys worth! On that note I would definitely suggest that sofo make a deal like cakewalk did for sonar fo ex-logic users.

The next upcoming months are gonna be tricky! Later.
PeterWright wrote on 7/2/2002, 8:01 PM
True, Chienworks, but SpruceUp promised so much as it developed, now it's frozen.
I still use it - but features such as motion menus with audio mean looking elsewhere.

And of course I will use Logic for many a while - hopefully until SF grab the opportunity ....
SHTUNOT wrote on 7/5/2002, 2:53 PM
Thought this was funny as hell!

DCools wrote on 7/6/2002, 4:07 PM
You are saying that Vegas is losing a competitor, that is totaly wrong IMHO. Logic is a totaly different system then Vegas.

I am totally p*ssed off because I bought Logic Platinum 5 for Windows, ES1 and the EVOC20 one month ago. Well no problem they say, Apple. Go the the Mac, Yeah right. Dump all my Sonic Foundy software, a lot of VST and DX plug-ins and VST instruments and hardware that don't work on the Mac. Nice company which dumps 70.000 windows users overnight. I wonder how long I can play with Logic, I still know a littlebit of Logic and when I know it, I can't use it anymore. Can I get my money back? No way they say, read the agreement... If I knew this a month ago I didn't buy this wonderfull software. Now Emagic offers a migration plan to existing Logic 5 Windows users. Wow what a nice offer, I get a free cross-platform crossgrade. I hope they give a Mac with it.

A nice touch is when you open Logic for the first time, you open a demo song. Well, so did I. Nice beat and then the lyrics begun: "Logic won't leave you alone....". D'ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

A person who lost faith in company's,
doctorfish wrote on 7/6/2002, 10:58 PM
Sorry to hear about your plight.
And what's worse is that I'm sure you're not the only
one who just bought Logic.

As someone said above though, Logic 5.0 will continue to work for sometime
on your PC. Hopefully, there aren't too many bugs.

I say they are competitors in the sense of professional multi-track
recording. Sure Logic has many things beyond that, but given that there
are only a handful of Windows apps that do this sort of thing on the
professional level, then sure there's some competition.
When starting my studio, I considered both, but just didn't need the midi
and VSTi capabiities and such so I went with Vegas and thought about Logic
as something I might get in a future expansion if the studio grows as I would like.

Anyway, happy recording to you, whichever program you use.

Rednroll wrote on 7/7/2002, 8:21 PM
I know a few people that this is now a 2 fold dilema. When Opcode went out of business, many of those users decided to switch over to Logic Audio platinum for their midi needs. At that time, there was a lot of complaints because the user interface and learning curve of LAP was so cumbersome compared to Studio Vision. I guess some of the Opcode programmers got jobs at Emagic and there was a promise that the new interface for LAP would start to look a lot more like Studio Vision. I'm not sure if that ever happened, but looks like it will never happen on the PC side now. I guess I'm glad I stuck with Studio Vision for my midi needs, it still works great. Midi luckily is a standardized format and fortunately for me it can't really change in technology like audio formats. I just have to keep around a PC with Windows 98 that does nothing, but MIDI. That is unless ACID get's some real midi features. I would prefer MIDI features in ACID rather than Vegas. It makes more since to me there, because you can change Tempo's freely in ACID, just like you can in MIDI sequencers. Currently I use 2 PC's for pre-production running ACID and Vision together each on it's own PC.
timoheil wrote on 7/10/2002, 10:55 AM
>>>I guess some of the Opcode programmers got jobs at Emagic <<<<

timoheil wrote on 7/10/2002, 11:00 AM
>>>basically the two only audio companies left that truly support the PC platform <<<

I think you forgot Steinberg. They already offered a crossgrade from Logic PC to Cubase SX for 299,- EUR. Recently Steinberg has been rather dedicated to the Windows platform than Mac. And I guess they will continue doing so, especially now that Cakewalk is the only competitor on the Windows platform.
Rednroll wrote on 7/10/2002, 2:06 PM
Did you come in here just to criticize our posts? At least give some useful information along with the criticism. There is nothing wrong with criticism, if you can add some useful information along with it. I had read a long time ago in KEYBOARD magazine how SOMEONE....I forget who it was...a programmer..a developer..a janitor....somehow, logic was going to be more like Studio Vision in it's midi functionality.

Also, you said "you forgot Steinberg"....I guess YOU also forgot "SAW", "SAMPLITUDE", "COOL EDIT", "Protools" and EMU/Ensoniq "Paris" all of which have PC support.
timoheil wrote on 8/1/2002, 10:58 AM
I did not critize anyone in this thread, I was just reffering to Rahl stating that "Cakewalk and Sonic Foundry are basically the two only audio companies left that truly support the PC platform".

You're right mentioning Saw (BTW: aren't they out of business?), Samplitude, Cool Edit etc. I'm a big fan of Samplitude myself and I've been using it for a long time. But I wouldn't consider it as an substitute for Logic as long as you need all of the MIDI features. Samplitude is definitely not a full grown MIDI sequencer, even the next version with VSTi support etc. won't change that. The editing features are simply not comparable to Logic, Cubase, Sonar or DP.

IMHO if Logic isn't available for the Windows platform anymore, the only true substitutes are either SONAR or Cubase. If you do not rely on the MIDI funcionality then of course the other programs you mentioned are OK as well. I would even prefer e.g. Samplitude regarding pure audio editing.

best regards