Former user wrote on 12/3/2003, 5:31 AM
They are probably DIvx files, which are actually MPEG4 files with an AVI extension.

Dave T2
jreeje wrote on 12/3/2003, 8:01 AM
Thanks for the reply, Is there a simple way to change them to a real avi file?
jtuffen wrote on 12/4/2003, 4:14 AM
If you know which type of file it is, you should be able to install a suitable codec... I had to do this when trying to use clips from my digital camera (motion jpeg).

JohnnyRoy wrote on 12/4/2003, 4:58 AM
Get yourself a copy of the free utility GSpot Codec Information Appliance and just open the AVI file with it and it will tell you what codec it uses and whether or not your system has the codec installed. It’s a great little utility for debugging video you download from the net.