Artist and Title on CDA5.2 burned discs???

George Kaufman wrote on 8/4/2005, 9:06 AM

On discs I burn in CD Architect 5.2, I can't get the Artist and Title to show up when the discs are played in Media Player. I get "Unknown Album." The only place in CDA5.2 to put that information is the "Project Properties - Summary Page" which is where I put it. I tried with two different burners, but the same result - "Unknown Album."

Could someone please explain? Thanks.

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attalus wrote on 8/5/2005, 9:33 PM
Below is info that i copied from another post by someone with the username "rednroll",it is information on how to use cd text..I copied the whole post and the info you want is in it.

"I have burned discs in CDA 5.2. I have a Navigation radio in my vehicle which supports "CDtext" and the text is displayed in all it's glory from discs burned from CDA 5.2. Make sure you're doing everything correct in CD Architect by adding the text in the correct fields, and enabling the check box in the burn window. If your CD burner is not recognized as supporting CDtext, then goto the OPTIONS>PREFERENCES>GENERAL and make sure "overwright CD text autodetection results" is enabled. If Windows media player is not recognizing CDtext, that's because the Windows media player you're running does not support CD text, it's not CDA.

If you go to the FILES>PROPERTIES Summary Tab, you will see 2 fields which say "(CD TEXT). This will be written into the "Disc" field of a CDtext supported player and remains there for the entire CD. If you right click on a track ID and select "Properties" again, there you will see two fields labeled (CDtext). This information get's written to the track fields, and changes from track to track on your player that supports CDtext."
MarkWWW wrote on 8/6/2005, 5:11 AM
Your problem is that Windows Media Player doesn't understand CD-Text.

The artist, track information, etc, that WMP displays are drawn from a database on a server or servers on the internet, not directly from any CD-Text information on the disc itself. The appropriate data for all commercially released CDs exists in the database, but because your newly created CD is not in the database it is just shown as "Unknown Album".

If you want the CD-Text information to show up in your player you have two choices:

1. Use a player that understands CD-Text, i.e. not WMP.
2. Extract the CD-Text information from the CD and add it to the local database that WMP uses to supplement the online database.

There are a variety of programs that can help you do the second option. I haven't tried any of these, so I can't recommend anything personally, but I have heard good things about CD-Text Manager which can be found at


musiclab wrote on 8/13/2005, 11:17 AM
I have recorded the titles and the artist information and CD architect wrote the info correctly on the CD as I was able to read the data with NERO. However, it is a nonsense that CD architect /Sound Forge 8b, Wndows Media ) cannot retrieve the info on CD's, CD architect has burned itself.
When this will be possible ?
Geoff_Wood wrote on 8/14/2005, 8:55 PM
That WMP does not read CD-TEXT is nothing to do with CD Architect.