Assigning Tracks

et429 wrote on 8/3/2002, 9:17 PM
I have always used CDA, and now have VV3 to replace it. One feature that I used alot which VV3 seems to be missing is allowing tracks to start before the previous one ended. I used this feature because all my tracks are faded and I want track 1 to end at the end of song 1 and track 2 to begin at the start of the 2nd song. This works out really well when playing back your finished cd. In VV3 I can't seem to get the track region markers to overlapp. Is this not possible in VV3 or am I missing something?

Any help appreciated.


et429 wrote on 8/4/2002, 12:57 PM
Nevermind....found out how to do it...It's not a simple click and drag, but you have to go and edit each individual marker. A pain, but at least it moves them....haven't burned anything yet though.