Audio Artifacts in DV Rendering

nbowler wrote on 5/22/2001, 4:06 PM
I have been using Video Factory for editing MPEG-1's captured in Dazzle DVC USB. I have now stepped up to teh Dazzle Hollywood DV bridge, and am capturing DV .AVI type 2.

When I pull the files into VF for editing, they have audio artifacts -- chirpy R2-D2 noises about every 3 seconds. I get this in trimmer, main window preview, pre-rendered video, and output render.

Background: 1ghz pentium III, 512Mb RAM, 70Gb HD (UDMA 7200 rpm), WinMe, Directx + DV update, all Video Factory updates installed.

Will go back now to test with type 1's...

Anyone else having this problem?


nbowler wrote on 5/22/2001, 4:48 PM
Replying to myself with more info for discussion -- in previous message, where it says DirectX, should be DirectX8.0a. Also, have found that I get the artifacts in main timeline, pre-rendered, or final rendered, but not in the trimmer. This happens with both type1 and type2 DV .AVI's, regardless of whether SF DV reader option is on or off.
nbowler wrote on 5/27/2001, 1:14 PM
All better. I uninstalled and reinstalled VF, problem went away. I did some tests and relaized I was getting audio artifacts on mpegs also, which I had not gotten before, so that gave me hope that it was a config problem, not a dv problem.