smc-ny wrote on 2/14/2011, 5:57 AM
I tested a burn with a very simple project - one audio file - and it worked.

So it seems I have a problem in my larger project that has 33 tracks.
Details of the project:
No cross fades - just fades at the start and end of tracks.
My project does have ISRC and CD Text.

I am very close to the end of the disk capacity - only 10 seconds spare of the 74 minutes available.

I have tried a few different CD-R media and one that is printed on it as being 80 min capacity.

Any ideas?
smc-ny wrote on 2/14/2011, 7:56 AM
I did a burn without CD Text and it worked.
So it seems my CD burner does not handle CD Text.
ChristoC wrote on 2/14/2011, 2:40 PM
> So it seems my CD burner does not handle CD Text.
That may well be the case.....
I remember there was an issue in the past where a blank CD was made if CD Text information was not properly completed in all possible entry areas:
- in Track List tab every track had to have an entry in both Title and Artist,
and also
- in Project Properties - must be entries in at least Title and Artist areas.
smc-ny wrote on 2/15/2011, 7:41 AM
Thanks for you info.

I feel I did have all the text areas filled.
Though is it strange that a CD burner - in my laptop - will not burn CD Text.

As I understand it CD Text is largely a Sony innovation and I won't be using to create my master disk.

I am creating a master audio disk to send to a duplicator. Do you have any tips or warnings that would be useful in creating the master disk?
Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/15/2011, 2:48 PM
The SaveAS a WAV was superflous - just burning directly from the project was the way to go.

Can you see the waveforms on the timeline ? Can you hear audio when you Preview ?

Try double-clicking on the Master slider to reset it to normal ( in case it has bee pulled down). Do you have any plugins with level controls within that have been pulled down ?

Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/15/2011, 2:52 PM
Don't burn at a high speed - 8 x or 12 x probably best.

Use quality media TY, MAMS, Verbatim, etc. Not 'no-name'.

Use a full-size CD writer if available , over a laptop DVD writer. One that does CD-TEXT may be more likely to have better attention to CD-Audio writing than one that doesn't. Or maybe not ;-)

smc-ny wrote on 2/15/2011, 5:53 PM
Thanks for the tips.

I moved the project from my laptop to a Win XP machine with a Pioneer burner and was able to burn a CD with text. Seems to have worked no problem.

I put the CD back in the same Pioneer writer and used CDA to read the disc and sub-codes and all the Text informtionn was there.

Seems it was a problem with my laptop burner. I can understand that.

Is there anything else I should do to make a nice clean audio CD to send to a duplicator?

Is there some way I check the CD I have burned for errors? Anything you suggest would be appreciated.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/16/2011, 3:25 PM
Burn at a low speed, and with Buffer Underun Protection' turned OFF.

Also turn off any AV software during burn.