Audio Distortion / Major Issues / Mac Boot Camp

Kyle-Fummey wrote on 5/22/2020, 10:56 AM

Hi there,

Today I decided I would install Windows 10 on my Mac using Boot Camp as I want to achieve the fastest rendering times on Vegas Pro 15 as possible. So far, I've discovered 2 things; This was a great idea as the video preview is unbelievably smooth compared to my PC HOWEVER .. I've just opened a project and imported 2 files directly from a Dropbox folder. One is just a video taken on an iPhone and the other is the .WAV audio of the musicians playing in the video.

Whenever I play the audio, there are times where it will become awfully distorted and even scramble. I have tried going to preferences and disabling the So4 compound reader. This is the only 'fix' I have been able to find on YouTube and it didn't work even after a reset.

Is there anyone else that's tried running Vegas using Boot Camp that could help?


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