Audio from the Past Takes over my Print to Tape!

mweiss wrote on 3/23/2001, 10:19 PM
Have anyone run across this problem?

This is all DV cam footage captured through IEEE-1394:

It pertains to the free Sonic Foundry capture/record

I produced a 5-minute nature video in Premiere 6.
The project used two video tracks for
overlapping/transitions, plus the
video 2 track for titles.
The project used 2 additional audio tracks for a dubbed in
music bed.

Rendered the entire timeline to a movie AVI file using the

File plays back great in Media Player. I'm pleased with the
audio mix and
the video effects work.

Loaded this same file in the Sonic Foundry utility in
preparation to record.
Preview on-screen is exactly like what I saw/heard with
Media Player.

Switch to the record to DV cam mode and started rolling
tape on the TRV900.

When I played back the tape, to my horror, the music bed
was gone!
Also, wherever there was a transition, title or other video
effect, the
original audio track would mute.

Just to be sure, I rechecked to make sure that I was
playing the right file
(yeah, there was only ONE file rendered) :-)
I plugged in headphones to the TRV900's headphone jack and
listened while I
attempted a playback to camera (not recording, just play
through DV IN).
Same problem!

This got me wondering about the file, so I opened the
finished file in
Premiere. Sure enough, the audio track was stereo, and the
music and final
mix were correct. No phantom tracks.

I also tried opening the file in Sound Forge. Here too,
there was only 2
tracks of stereo audio with the final mix + music bed.

This one really has me scratching my head.
When Premiere prints to tape through the i-Link port to the
camera, I get
the correct mix, but I've got a speed playback problem
which is why I use
the Sonic Foundry utility.

So it boils down to something REALLY strange with the Sonic
Foundry utility.
It's somehow separating out the original audio from the
original field
recording and muting the music bed. I don't know how it's
doing that, but I
cannot find an option to play back the full stereo audio
with music track.
(Seems like a misnomer, since the music IS all on the same
two stereo
channels with the original sound!)

Okay, there's a simple answer here, right? Perhaps someone
here has run into
this and remember well what the solution was?

Take care,

Mark & Mary Ann Weiss
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rootboy wrote on 3/25/2001, 8:05 AM
I had a similar problem with renders I made with VV. The
files played fine in every program I have installed on my
computer, including the VV capture utility preview, but
then when I print to tape, the whole audio track was gone.
Not just portions, like you are experiencing. The fix for
me was in the rendering - I figured since I was using a
Sony computer and a Sony camera, that the Sony DV Codec
made the most sense to use. Turned out that this was my
whole problem, and when I started using the NTSC DV Codec,
my problem was corrected. I don't know enough Premier
offers the same codec choices when rendering, but it sounds
as if this could be part of your problem.