Audio glitches randomly on preview and final render.

Richard-N wrote on 5/24/2023, 5:28 PM

Vegas 20 Build 403

All Graphic and device drivers up to date

I have just resubscribed to VP 365 Edit. I have a simple project with 3 tracks. The top audio+video tracks have the audio muted. The third track is music in a wav file that has been proven clean in Adobe Audition.

On preview I am getting a momentary burst of white noise that sends the audio output meters into the red. There is no evidence of any noise on the audio waveform. The occurrence appears random but is often associated with passage of the cursor over the abutment of two video clips (no transitions or crossfade). On render the same thing happens and is transferred to the final product.

In an effort to get rid of the issue I converted the wav files to mp3. The behavior is reduced but not eradicated. With mp3 files the random noise is a high-pitched momentary tone that appears in the same manner as above.

Update ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The audio problem persists and appears to be unrelated to the audio file type... wav or mp3 it's the same problem and appears to coincide with the end of a video clip. In this project 95% of the audio is on my soundtrack file using only occasional sound from the principle video/audio track. Where one clip abuts another without a crossfade I applied a crossfade of only one frame and that seemed to fix some instances of the glitch.

A better workaround seems to be to ungroup the video/audio clip and delete the audio (the volume envelope on that track is at -Inf anyway in this instance). This seems to fix the issue

But what if I want to use the audio from the video clip?


Todd-A0 wrote on 5/26/2023, 7:39 PM

It's a Vegas bug introduced in VP18(VP19?) that they never bothered fixing. There is no solution

I remember believing if you save project and restart Vegas the distorted audio may move to a different location or go away. I"M not sure that is true, actually you can probably tell me if that's right?

The cross fade thing has never really helped me in the way you've described, that is it fixes the Vegas bug, rather then obscuring the distorted audio. I"ll try that next time. What has happened before is the distortion moves when trying to cut or fade out the distortion. It's hilarious, like the software is deliberately trolling me, ensuring a tiny social media edit that should have taken a few minute takes much longer

Richard-N wrote on 5/27/2023, 4:31 AM

Thanks @Todd-A0. Having gained more experience of the problem the only reliable workaround seems to be to trim the last 2 or 3 frames from all video clips, even those that have zero volume or the audio track muted. I am pretty hacked off that as a new subscriber I am dealing with a faulty product.