Audio glitches when using external plugins,Vegas12

Azirafel wrote on 5/8/2013, 5:14 PM
Hi guys,

I love Vegas software and it's interface, but I have an issue under Windows 7 x64.

My problem is that: when I'm using external VST plugins like L1-3 Ultramaximazer from Waves or any other x64 or x86 external plugin, the audio becomes very unstable - glitches, pops, clicks etc., and it is nearly impossible to work with. The problem is very severe when I'm starting to move knobs and sliders - then audio stops and continues after I stop using the sliders.


I've switched from "M-Audio ProFire ASIO" drivers to "Windows Classical Wave Driver" and the problem is gone. Can it be related to ASIO drivers buffering or something? In my Sonar X1 digital audio workstation the ASIO drivers are working perfectly so I'm suggesting there is some problem/incompatibility between my M-Audio ProFire 610 and Sony Vegas?

Can you suggest a solution to that problem? I have M-Audio ProFire 610 card, 6 gb of ram, 3core AMD processor, etc. I thing my machine is OK, even though I've used Vegas 8.0 without problems on Windows XP SP3.

Thank you in advance! :)


musicvid10 wrote on 5/8/2013, 9:41 PM
Waves and some other VST plugins are known resource hogs.
Play with your buffer settings; you should be able to get ASIO working smoothly in Vegas.
Azirafel wrote on 5/9/2013, 6:15 AM
Thank you for the suggestion. I've tried different buffer settings with no success. Interesting thing is that on my Win XP there is no problem even when I'm using 10+ vst effects on my master bus.
JHendrix2 wrote on 5/10/2013, 4:20 PM
"so I'm suggesting there is some problem/incompatibility between my M-Audio ProFire 610 and Sony Vegas?"

yes, vegas is regularly overlooked by vendors and it sucks but its true, i just called maudio today and (as many times before with any vendor) the tech didnt even know what vegas was. they "might" know what acid is but are never able to help regardless. as such, the issue are on sony to resolve IMHO...and like several long standing vegas bugs, they dont fix. or they could at least have better relations with the major players in the industry so they are better known.

the thing with waves has been on again off again for a long time, its a roll of the dice for sure depending on exact setup. as i just posted on other thread

in vegas: use classic wave driver > raise playback buffering
track buffering and offset for latency doesn't seem to matter for the waves/stutter-glitch playback bug
buffer on profire panel doesn't seem to matter much for the waves/stutter-glitch playback bug

overall...weak... but i dont see another way.
Azirafel wrote on 5/17/2013, 5:16 PM
Thank you for the advice. I'm also using my Vegas 12 with the classical wave drivers.
Slower, but safer. :)

Curious thing is that on my Windows xp SP3/32bit I have absolutely no problems using Vegas with ASIO drivers: no shuttering, no pops and glitches.
The problem is only in x64 Windows 7.
CaptainSqueaky wrote on 9/3/2013, 12:13 PM
This does'nt seem to be limited to Waves plugs as I have the same problem with iZotope mastering plugs. This glitch is almost unnoticable in Vegas 8 (32bit) with the same plugs. Hardware changes makes no difference either as both my Saffire 24 DSP and Presonus FP10 exhibits exactly the same pop and dropouts.
Using dedicated 64bit plugs won't fix it either.

I use both Tracktion 4 and REaper 4 as standard audio DAWs and they work like a charm. Therefore I conclude that ASIO on Vegas 12 sucks. Professional software should not have flaws like this.

The only remedy seems to use the MS sound mapper with a decent playback buffer.
ec2 wrote on 9/16/2013, 11:28 PM
At any point Sony we would like a fix for the plug in / Clicks and clacks - ?

gwailo wrote on 1/27/2014, 12:54 PM
It's definitely an ASIO / Vegas 12 problem. I've avoided using vegas 12 because of this very problem. I've got an Echo Audio 3G and an Echo Audio Firewire Pre8. I've tried both echo's ASIO drivers and ASIO4All. On max buffering. The stuttering is more pronounced on visual changes and the beginning of clips.

Once I switch to direct sound surround mapper or Microsoft sound mapper everything works.

ASIO / Vegas 10 32bit works perfectly.
earl-mccluskie wrote on 3/16/2017, 4:39 PM

Three years later, new owners, and this is still a problem. If you build a project with plugins, edits, etc, inevitably Vegas will begin to stutter, especially noticeable when using a mouse. It doesn't matter if you use ASIO or direct, although Direct gives you better performance longer.

Vegas 14 is no different, and tech will not acknowledge the problem.

I am now using Reaper for all my audio editing, I did a test on both platforms, and long after Vegas began to stutter, Reaper continued to give me problem free mixing/editing capabilities.

So, solution for now, sadly: don't use Vegas.

If this is not addressed by the time of the next upgrade (which I will test before buying), this will be my last purchase of Vegas.

buttons wrote on 3/20/2017, 11:40 PM

I suppose I'm an eternal optimist, however, if Magix can't solve this issue I will have to move over to another DAW. Should we begin learning German to get the the message through to the home office? I've used Vegas since 1999 and didn't begin having this problem until I moved to asio drivers and Vegas 11. My Waves plugins worked great in 32 bit.

vtxrocketeer wrote on 3/22/2017, 6:23 PM

I wrote about this not long ago, aware of long-standing problems with Waves plugins that I don't use, but unaware that stuttering and freezes occur with Izotope plugins, which I do use. I have one project that has sat on the backburner because I cringe just thinking about the glitchy audio playback. If I'm bored to tears, I just might re-create a copy of the project in Reaper and see what happens.

buttons wrote on 3/22/2017, 7:01 PM

I'm about to do the same. Reaper has been getting good under the table recommendations by sales reps who were supposed to pushing another brand of DAW. Let us know how it works for you.


earl-mccluskie wrote on 3/22/2017, 7:22 PM

I wrote more on this, too.  I submitted a report to tech support, and the only suggestion was to ensure I have the latest build. This does not solve the problem, so I am going to submit a report again.  My German is not very good, though.  😀

VStoyanov wrote on 3/26/2021, 8:27 AM


I want to buy the new Vegas 18, but is there any information and user experience regarding Vegas Pro 18 and VST plugins? Is the VST engine is still 32bit and no VST3 support, or they've improved the audio and VST plugins handling? Thank you in advance.

j-v wrote on 3/26/2021, 8:41 AM

You can try it all on your installation with the 30days Trial Version

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rraud wrote on 3/26/2021, 1:12 PM

is there any information and user experience regarding Vegas Pro 18 and VST plugins? Is the VST engine is still 32bit and no VST3 support, or they've improved the audio and VST plugins handling?

AFAIK, VP does not currently support VST-3 plugs. 'Some' Direct X plug-ins do not work either. Most VST-2 plug in Fx run w/o issue.

<rant> Vegas does not natively support side-chain Fx either dispute requests since the Vegas 1 beta </end rant>