Audio Preview Prob - MS12 build 1184 64bit

Musec wrote on 1/20/2014, 10:16 AM

I recently purchased MS12 ...I use looped materials from online providers such as Big Fish Audio... they provide samples at 48 / 24 ...

My system is set up for 44 / 16 and I set the preferences in MS12 for 44 / 16
I did this in the options tabs and a set it as default for all projects.

When I want to preview a Big Fish Audio loop in MS 12's explorer behaves as one might expect. I cannot preview 48 / 24 files in MS 12's explorer..

I can place the same file in the multitrack screen and it plays fine ...I'm assuming the software has interpreted the file to match the project.

How / Can I access settings for the preview function in MS12's explorer?

I have an ASUS G55 ...i7
12 gb RAM
Focusrite Scarlett 18i ...up to date

Thanks for Any Help,