Audio sounds different in cd Arch then on HDrive

dtsthx2 wrote on 9/9/2011, 3:23 PM
Hi - I am putting together a cd and noticed that the mp3s sound ( ringy and not clear ) as when I play them off my hard drive out of the actual cd architect software. The sample rates are corrent, I looked under preferences and it gave me 2 choices. ( microsoft mapper and classic wave driver ) I tried both and it stays the same. ( the playback I select the speakers I have ).. This is annoying and have spend many of hours trying to figure it out. When I right click on the actual mp3 or .wav file in cd architect in the explorer bar I get this towards the bottom.

Name: mp3plug2.dll
Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\CD Architect 5.2\FileIO Plug-Ins\mp3plug2
Format: MP3 Audio
Version: Version 3.0 (Build 423

I did not select any plug ins for the mp3s or .wav files and cannot figure out why the sound is different. ( it is hard to explain only that it sounds ringy and slightly echoey ) and cannot figure out when I am completely out of the program and play the same Mp3 or .wav file it sounds clear and accurate.

now that I think of it is sounds like an audio file that was originally converted in DAT to 44.1k instead of 48k.

Could it be that I am not running a Creative Sound card. ( this is a new computer I have .. and they use Realtek as the playback device ) I noticed that when I try and open audio studio it states
" there are no creative audio products that support and are running on the system that support Asio " wondering if this has any direct connection.

Hoping that someone can help me..



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