Audio tracks

Santiago-Arteaga wrote on 1/27/2020, 11:58 AM

Audio Tracks Do Not Sync When Recording! First Track Is Fine, Second Track Records at A slower Speed And Does Not Record In Sync With The First. I Have Tried Downloading On To A separate Computer With The Same Results. The Problem Started With With Vegas Pro 10, Which Worked Fine For A Few Years Then The Problem Began! I Upgraded To Vegas Pro 16 and 17 With The Same Results. I Used A HP Pavilion With 8 Gig Memory Then A Dell Inspiron With 8 Gigs Memory And The Same Problem Began. I Tried Reformatting And Reinstalling The With The Same Results Note: When I First Installed On The Dell No Problems. When I Opened The Program The Second Time The Problem Began. So I Have 3 Vegas Programs That Are Totally Unusable I Suspect When Magix Took Over Is When All The Problems Starting. I Have Not Been Able To Record For A Few Months Now! Please Help!!!


rraud wrote on 1/27/2020, 1:39 PM

What interface/soundcard? If you are referring to overdubbing (old school term for recording a new track whilst playing back a previously recorded one), the audio device settings (Options> Preferences> Audio) should be set to ASIO.

Otherwise, are your Vegas project audio properties and converter/soundcard properties both set the same? Typically 44.1kHz for audio only and 48k for video.

Santiago-Arteaga wrote on 2/2/2020, 10:20 AM

Dear RRaud Thanks For Your Help,Which Led Me In The Right Direction! Although The Settings Were Right Still Had Problems Were Still There. However I Unchecked The Box... Auto Detect And Offset For Hardware Latency And Adjusted The Offset Manually ( After A Little Experimentation ) And Corrected The Problem. Problem Is That I Am More Musical Than Computer Savvy. Thanks Again!!!