audio TRICKS to repair weak audio into a TREAT?

markrad wrote on 10/28/2002, 10:22 PM
I have some audio that needs "fixing" up. I'm more at home on the video side of things so bear with me. The tape I'm working with has a speaker in a church who used a wireless mic though the church sound system. The on-camera mic is the only audio I have. He seemed clear enough at the time but on playing back the tape the audio is... (searching for adjectives...) boomy? muddled? The church is fairly large and has a high ceiling which must be part of the problem. You can make out what is being said but it's quite disappointing still. Surely there must be some "tricks" I can try with all the tools at my command in VV3. I'm not expecting miracles, just improvement.


Former user wrote on 10/29/2002, 8:43 AM
You could try a variety of EQ to try and sculpt it a bit more. Bear in mind though - Making a dramatic change for the positive is very hard once the audio is printed to tape.


Cuzin B
markrad wrote on 10/29/2002, 10:12 AM
Thanks for the reply. EQ is exactly what I ended up working with after much trial and error. I wound up using a "low shelf" at 320Hz and below with a 12db roll off to -inf. I really just messing up the settings until things "sounded better" with not a lot of experience to guide me. The audio was all spoken (no music etc) so I hope I'm on the right track. Anybody else? What is the normal freq range for a male speaking voice?

Cold wrote on 10/29/2002, 1:42 PM
If your trying for better coherency try a band boost at somewhere between 900hz and 2khz, perhaps even a gentle boost across this entire range (+3db or so). hope this helps, hard to know without hearing your audio.