[r]Evolution wrote on 10/16/2006, 6:07 PM
You should use your Audio Meters for this.

0 is considered to be as high as you should go. Anything over this is 'Clipping' or Cutting Off the Top of the Wave.<-- No Good
-12 is the Digital threshold for me and most of what I get in.

A 1KHz Reference Tone set at -12 on the Audio Meter is what I set all my Digital Audio to.
If I'm going out to Beta... I play my timeline and set the Audio Levels on the Beta Deck to 0... but my projects are always targeted at -12 on the Audio Meters.

From there I basically 'Reference' the tone and compare it with the rest of my projects Audio. This can all be done Visually... just play your Sequence and watch your Meters.