Automatically detecting new length of file

cyberbeat wrote on 8/13/2005, 9:52 AM
Quick question.
Let's say I have an event containing a single wave file on the timeline that I want to edit in Sound Forge. So, I select the event and go to Tools/Open In Audio Editor. It loads in SF and I make changes to the file which alter the file's original length. When I go back to CDA, is there any way to have CDA automatically recognize the new length of the wave file and adjust the event on the timeline to reflect this new length?



wymondham wrote on 10/28/2005, 11:05 AM
Hi cyberbeat,

I have found this problem. CDA will not update itself while open and while altering the file in SF. Close CDA, alter the track then re-open to find updated file.

Why not alter the track length in CDA? It's easy to trim files, there is no nead to go back to SF just to trim lengths of files?

Put the curser to the edge of wanted track in CDA, you see a square, click and drag inward to reduce file length, or out to lengthen.