AutoSave Custom Command

jetdv wrote on 9/13/2007, 12:30 PM
Vegas Pro 8 users, here's the first available Custom Command for everyone to try. AutoSave will automatically backup your project and also provide multiple time-stamped versions. If Vegas is running, please exit Vegas, install this tool, and then restart Vegas. You can download it from:

Once installed, this Custom Command will remain inactive until the initial setup has been performed. To perform the setup, in Vegas Pro 8 go to Tools - Extensions - and pick "AutoSave". Select the various options as desired and set the "Emergency" folder. Once activated, it will automatically save your project every "x" minutes (dependent on what you entered in the setup screen).

AutoSave will automatically start each time Vegas is restarted and create backups with the following methods/restrictions:

1. Each time a project is "backed up", it will be saved a total of three times:
a. Once in the "Emergency" folder with the date/time appended
b. Once in the project folder with the date/time appended
c. Once in the project folder under the original file name

2. It can be turned on or off via the setup screen. When on, there will be a square around the icon in the menu. When off, there will be no square around the icon in the menu.

3. If the current project has never been saved, it will request that you do an initial save the project.

4. It will NOT save if the project hasn't been modified since the last save.

5. It will stop trying to save when rendering is started and will resume saving when rendering is finished.

Requirements: Vegas Pro 8.0 build 144