TheHappyFriar wrote on 2/4/2011, 7:55 AM
Even though DVDA says mpeg-2 only on BD-DVD's & the Vegas manual says it can do AVC or Mpeg-2, try mpg2 & see what happens. Maybe that will work (I've never tried burning anything but a CD from the timeline)
Birk Binnard wrote on 2/4/2011, 9:50 AM
It isn't a problem - it's a "design feature." PS3's (and I presume most BD players) expect BD format data to be on a BD disk, not a DVD disk. With my PS3 I can play individual BD format video files on such a disk (DVD disk), but the PS3 treats it as a data disk, not a video disk. Therefore menus etc. won't work.

Get a stack of recordable BD disks at Amazon. They aren't that expensive and they solve the "problem".
Dave_OnSet wrote on 2/4/2011, 1:29 PM
Have you tried to play the file in the PS3? As I recall it doesn't show up as a 'Video' but as a 'stream' -- but it does play just fine.
Not sure why it doesn't play on your laptop -- I don't have one with a BD player. But I've had good luck playing the (blu-ray format dvd) discs in recent Blu-Ray players, much easier than playing on a PS3. And ones burned in DVDA also display a properly functioning menu on my Blu-Ray player.
TheHappyFriar wrote on 2/5/2011, 4:09 AM
I burned a BD from the Vegas timeline last night: 1440x1080 60i, AVC 8mbs, AC3. Played just fine on my home BD player.
Rob Franks wrote on 2/5/2011, 9:01 AM
"I burned a AVCHD dic using the following:"

Vegas doesn't burn "AVCHD" disks. It burns Blu Ray content to dvd media.... and there is a difference. I don't believe the PS3 can play back this kind of disk. You will have to treat it as a "data" disk
TheHappyFriar wrote on 2/5/2011, 9:52 AM
The method he uses should make a BD compliant disc.
Rob Franks wrote on 2/7/2011, 9:49 PM
"The method he uses should make a BD compliant disc. "

There is no such thing as a "BD compliant disc" on dvd 5/9 (if that's what you're referring to anyway) That's why some players will work with it... and some not.
TheHappyFriar wrote on 2/8/2011, 4:35 AM
It must do something that's a non-standard format. My PC DVD burner won't read any BD discs I burn on DVD's. Only my BD player will play them.

I'd find it odd some BD players couldn't play them. I got a "cheap" BD player at the time (only $200 vs the $600 nicer ones). Could it be the internet connection autoupdates & some companies removed the DVD compatibility?

EDIT: maybe the mpeg-2 option will work better.
Rob Franks wrote on 2/8/2011, 5:26 AM
Well, BD players contain a red laser and a blue laser. The red laser of course is for dvd playback. Some BD players don't expect (or understand) hi def material written in standard UDF format on dvd,
TheHappyFriar wrote on 2/8/2011, 7:52 AM
I did a quick search on the forum here & it looks like Sony disabled BD-DVD playback on some players in an update.

BTW, I'm using a Sylvania BD player.