AVI Stuttering

markrad wrote on 10/27/2002, 2:52 PM
I have 2 Avi's that are an example of a playback problem I'm having.
Both files playback fine when running directly from the hard drive.
I then put these files on CD to distribute and found that one stutters (on 2 different PC's) when you play dirctly from the CD drive but the other does not?! I don't want to force users to copy these files to their hard drives, that's what the CD is supposed to be for.

A bit more information on 2 AVI files that I am comparing when using the CD drive for playback.
AVI#1 Works - 233,673KB 1,886 Frames, 3,713Kb/sec
AVI#2 Stutters - 234,169KB 1,890 Frames, 3,713Kb/sec

BOTH avi's were originally rendered using the standard NTSC DV template.
What is causing one file to run but not the other??


Tyler.Durden wrote on 10/27/2002, 4:50 PM
Hi Mark,

Could be slight errors on the bad one. You may be right at the threshold of playability, and the one has enough errors to hang.

You might try rolling back the bitrate a tad to see if that helps.


markrad wrote on 10/27/2002, 9:37 PM
Using the NTSC DV template I don't see how one can adjust the encoded bitrate...
I'm using AVIs in the hope that the files will be universal as far as playback with no special codec downloads required by the person viewing. Any suggestions how to reduce the bitrate?
Tyler.Durden wrote on 10/27/2002, 9:52 PM
Ah, yes, I am slow on the uptake...

Full-blown avi may be a choker for many players/systems... you might try rendering to a smaller frame size, slower framerate, or to MPEG, Winmedia or QT.

If you are not playing out to a TV, you don't really need fullsize, interlaced, 29.97 video.

You might try burning a multimedia CD: Tools>Burn CD>Multimedia CD>WM8 - 3MB/s