BillyBoy wrote on 5/4/2003, 5:22 PM
No, you don't need to put it on a new track. How long is the video now? You will need to convert to MPEG-2, using the NTSC template if you're in the US or PAL for most everywhere else. If you also have DVD-A (the SoFo DVD burning suite) and since you video is pretty long you may want to let that application redner it to MPEG-2 to avoid double compression which would reduce quality. Again, because the file is large its probably going to need compression anyhow no matter how you burn it. If you have DVD-A there is a seperate template for just the video, you cuold use that and then render the audio seperately as AC-3 which will reduce the file size. So you got several options. I guess the first question is what application are you going to use to burn the DVD? I'll assume you know Vegas doesn't by itself burn DVD's.