GaryKleiner wrote on 8/6/2003, 10:32 AM
SPLIT editing, where you trim audio and video seperatley is done easily when you turn on the Ignore Event Grouping Tool. It's on the toolbar and looks like a lock unshakled.

logiquem wrote on 8/6/2003, 1:01 PM

This was very basic indeed...

BTW, is there a shortcut? I can't see it.
GaryKleiner wrote on 8/6/2003, 2:28 PM
>BTW, is there a shortcut? I can't see it.<

Unfortunately, No.

BillyBoy wrote on 8/6/2003, 2:57 PM
Not a shortcut, but another method...

Right click on the audio track, Group/remove from. This was you can leave the menu settings as is and move some or all events as you wish.
jetdv wrote on 8/6/2003, 3:25 PM
ALT - O - G