Batch Processing with Vegasaur

vic-borgogno wrote on 5/22/2019, 2:06 PM

We have taken the time to understand a very powerful program from Vegasaur 3.7 for Batch Processing photos and other video media. There are many functions and features of the Vegasaur SW that makes the effort seem overwhelming and the effort to achieve one example for Batch Processing large numbers of photos has been outlined into 10 Basic Steps with the supporting procedures for each step. Here is a link to the "One Example for Batch Processing Media".


1.Vegas Pro Setups

2.Transferring video media

3.Useful Vegasaur operations

4.Vegasaur Transitions

5.Preparing the music

6.Preparing for BEAT Markers

7.Adding BEAT Markers

8.PLACEMENT of video media to BEAT Markers

9.Adding Ken Burns effect

10.  Final cleanup of media

Let me know if you have questions and I will try and answer them,

I am using Vegas Pro 16 version 424 on a Windows 10 OS.

vic borgogno