TheHappyFriar wrote on 12/26/2008, 11:36 AM
open each in a new copy of vegas & render that way. Only way I know of.
musicvid10 wrote on 12/26/2008, 11:48 AM
I recall a batch render script some time ago. You should be able to find it by using the excellent Search function on these forums.
TheHappyFriar wrote on 12/26/2008, 1:40 PM
A batch render in a single veg file, yeah, but not multiple veg files.

You COULD put all your veg files in a single veg file (nest them all). It would be slower then if you opened up a few at a time & rendered, but then you could do ALL at once.
RNLVideo wrote on 12/26/2008, 3:24 PM
There are scripts available to render multiple .veg files at one time (rather than multiple flavors of the same .veg). I'm pretty sure I've got a version of one at home, but I'm traveling. Some of the commercial products have them - Ultimate S and the Veggie Toolkit are two.... For reference: I'm sure there are also threads within these forums with names / links.

johnmeyer wrote on 12/26/2008, 3:28 PM
I have several scripts (written by others) that do what you want. Try this one:

Batch GUI_Multiple_Project_Render.js

(link good for seven days).

Read the comments at the beginning of the script file (use Notepad) and I think you'll figure it out. Basically, you specify the VEG file you want to render; you then pick the name of the output file (called a "base" file name because this script lets you render each VEG file to as many different output formats as you wish); you then select which output format and template you want to use. Finally -- and this is the only slightly odd thing about the script -- if you want to add another VEG file to be rendered (which I gather is the main reason for your request -- you put a check mark in the "Add another project to Render Queue" box and then select OK. If you do this, the batch render does NOT start, but instead, the same dialog appears and you repeat the process. As I remember, the script does not give you any feedback on which VEG files you have already selected, so make sure to keep track as you go along so you don't skip any.

When you are finished adding VEG files, DON'T select this box and when you click on OK, the batch rendering begins.

Now, if you have dozens and dozens of VEG files and don't want to go through this process for each VEG file, I have a very crude script, which you have to edit in Notepad to specify the folder where all your VEG files reside, and also which render template you want to use, but when you have done that and saved the result, you run the script, and without any further work, it will render each and every project in that folder.

Heck, it only takes a second to upload:

Batch_Project_RenderQueue (for multiple VEG files).js
farss wrote on 12/26/2008, 4:55 PM
I make extensive use of Peachrocks Veggie Toolkit's Multirenderer.
For a lot of my work I don't even have to create a Vegas project, it does it on the fly as needed. It does cost a few dollars but for me at least it's paid for itself a zillion times over. It'll also render each region to a separate file which I've used a lot for audio projects or multi DVD projects.
Because the render queue is stored in a small database if something does go bump in the night you can restart the queue.