Be Wary of Windows 10 1903 Update

Dexcon wrote on 6/13/2019, 8:51 AM

The latest W10 1903 update may cause havoc with your computer's sound card. If it's a Creative card, it will probably not work under 1903 unless the Creative driver etc is updated via a recent Creative update - for me, the Creative update worked on a now older card.

But on my months old laptop, 5.1 AC3 via HDMI to an amp now only plays at 2.0 regardless of how I change the new W10 sound manager settings, even though it worked perfectly well in 5.1 days ago before updating to 1903.

Re W10 1903 - be very wary.


diverG wrote on 6/13/2019, 12:35 PM

Update went through smoothly.   Desktops no problems found.  Laptop Network 'folder' will not open.  Same with 1709 to 1803.   Laptop now back on 1809.  Will wait a few months before trying again.   Creative sound just needed tweaking via the control panel.

Edit:  Always take a system image prior to major updates.

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