best digital soundcard?

stakeoutstudios wrote on 10/10/2003, 3:36 AM
I'm buying an Apogee Rosetta 800 A/D D/A eight channel converter, and I'm wondering which soundcard to pair it up to for use with Vegas?

I was thinking of the RME hammerfall 9652.

I have three Universal Audio UAD1 PCI cards in there already and I'm a little worried about adding another PCI device. Just in case one or the other doesn't play nice.

I understand there'll be an MLAN (firewire) option for the rosetta at a later date but I need it to work immediately.

The Rosetta has eight channels A/D and D/A so I need a card that'll pair up to at least that.

My system: ( I have a delta 1010 which I'll be replacing )

Custom Built PC
AMD Athlon XP 2400+
MSI NVidia Nforce 2 motherboard. Onboard sound / LAN disabled.
Zalman 400W power supply
512MB DDR 400 CAS 2
1x IBM 180GXP 180GB HDD
44x Yamaha F1E CD burner
Samsung 17" widescreen TFT screen
3x Universal Audio UAD1 version 3.2 drivers
Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0D build 205
Sonic Timeworks Tracking Bundle + Mastering Compressor DX Plugins.
Waves Platinum DX Plugins V4.0
Vocalign 1.7 (standalone)
Cool Edit Pro 1.2 (standalone)
Gigastudio 2.52 (standalone)
Windows XP SP1, with most web updates.
No un-necessary software, trimmed and tuned windows.

thanks people!


Rednroll wrote on 10/10/2003, 8:36 AM
I guess the thing we would need to know a little more about is the Rosetta. You mention it's an 8 channel converter...well the Analog portion is a no brainer, but what's the digital format of the ins/outs? Are they Adat 8channel lightpipe?, 4-2channel spdif's 4-2channel lightpipe, Tascams TDIF? All of the above?

I'm a little disappointed, I see no Sonic Foundry ACID or Sound Forge listed in your arsenal. :-)
stakeoutstudios wrote on 10/10/2003, 12:14 PM
No ACID or Soundforge? hmm need to update that text indeed. Lousy cut and paste job.

The Rosetta 800 has AES inputs and outputs x 4

AES... that's a pro standard no? Do any sound cards work with it? the unit has eight ins and outs so can AES transfer two channels?

and also ADAT / SMUX in and out. Also balanced analog in and out.

Rednroll wrote on 10/10/2003, 4:34 PM
AES digital outputs, do indeed transfer 2 channel digital information. It is very similar to Spdif. Infact most digital inputs on an audio interface, will allow you to switch between AES or Spdif digital streams. Unfortanely for you, is that with the AES digital format, you won't find a lot of options, in the low cost selection anyways. If it had Adat digital lightpipe, your selection would be alot wider and cost effective. You'll probably have to look at something from Digidesign, most others that have AES digital IN/OUTS only offer it in a stereo pair. It seems like a waste to have to purchase the Digidesign hardware at such a high price when all your A/D is outside of the box and you just need digital inputs/outputs.

If it has ADAT optical digital connection, then you'll find lots of options. Adat digital, transfers 8 channels on each connection, thus you'll see one ADAT connection for inputs, and one for outputs for 8in/8out operation.

I would recommend the Echo Layla, then also compare the options from MOTO, and I'm not sure but the Delta 10/10 might be an option, I'm not sure if the lightpipe connection on that is ADAT(8channel) or spdif (2channel). Make sure that is says ADAT Digital I/O and not "TOSLINK", Toslink is the 2 channel lightpipe connection. The Echo Layla has both types and supports a total of 16in/16out.
stakeoutstudios wrote on 10/10/2003, 6:49 PM
It does ADAT / SMUX - I'm upgrading the A/D D/A significantly, so something like a Delta or a Layla isn't an option, unless I can just buy the digital element without paying for another set of A/D D/A !

What about the RME hammerfalls - are these playing nice with UAD1 PCI cards? I have three of the buggers you see! I fear for the PCI buss.

That's why I'd love the MLAN (firewire) card for the Apogee, but it's not out til later this year!

Rednroll wrote on 10/12/2003, 9:00 PM
"unless I can just buy the digital element without paying for another set of A/D D/A !"

Not sure what you're really saying here. If you use the Layla you would be able to get 8in/8out digitally, throught the Adat optical. Therefore, you could connect the Rossetta 800 directly to these connections. On top of that you would then have another 8in/8out via the analog ins/outs on the Layla, thus giving you the total ability of 16in/16 out, so nothing's being wasted, unless you feel you couldn't use another 8ins/8outs?
stakeoutstudios wrote on 10/14/2003, 4:16 AM
sounds like a good option. Later on however, I might want to add a second or a third Rosetta 800, and theis is where the hammerfall's lightpipes would come into their own. I just hope the drivers are good!

How's everyone finding the hammerfall with Vegas? Does it play nice with UAD1's? How about the Echo card with UAD1's?
Rednroll wrote on 10/14/2003, 9:18 AM
"Later on however, I might want to add a second or a third Rosetta 800"

Well Echo has the best drivers out there for Multi-card support, you could get another Layla. And how nice would 32in32/out capability be?

How's the Hammerfall compare in price to the Layla?

You might want to ask Pipeline about the hammerfall cards. He use toi be in this forum on a regular basis having lock up issues he couldn't get fixed.
stakeoutstudios wrote on 10/15/2003, 4:00 AM
Red: I've heard more and more good things about the Layla...

Plus, I see none for sale second hand anywhere. This suggests to me people are keeping them, unlike Delta 1010's or Hammerfalls.

I've just ordered the Apogee Rosetta with an Echo Layla plus all the lightpipe and analogue cables needed to hook up to them.

Can't wait!
cuartodeluna wrote on 10/17/2003, 1:41 PM
Have you tryied the Lynx AES16?

It even has the propper cabling for the Apogee hardware and has 16 AES/EBU I/O.

For US$625, I think you should definitely review it.
JasonMilo wrote on 10/27/2003, 11:04 PM
I've been very happy with the Sek'd Prodiff 88 and Prism Sound ADA-8 combo. You may want to check out the Prodiff 88 @