jetdv wrote on 3/30/2006, 5:34 AM
I usually zoom in on the photo such that they're gone and just pan across the image.

However, you might zoom in to make a larger version of the same image, blur it, maybe make it black and white, and use it as a background filler for that area.
johnmeyer wrote on 3/30/2006, 7:03 AM
Since the black can be a mask, you can simply put generated media on another track, and use the eyedropper to sample the edge of your picture so that the background is roughly the same color as the edge of your picture. This works well in some instances.

If you have time, you can sometimes clone the edges of the picture to create additional material so you don't have to zoom in as far. Not useful for portrait pics, but often useful for 35mm aspect (which is 3:2) changing to 4:3.

You can put two portrait pictures side-by-side.

There are dozens of other ideas. That should get you started.