Blackmagic strikes.Sony camera division will under

HyperMedia wrote on 4/19/2012, 1:07 PM
Sony camera division will be under siege. From the consumer division to mid range cameras.

So how will Blackmagic navigate an already crowded camera market? It will start, as it did with Resolve, with the price. For the unbelievable $2,995, you get quite a lot, actually, starting with a super wide 13 stops of dynamic range and including that above-mentioned on-board solid state recorder, built-in Thunderbolt connectivity, 3 Gb/s SDI output, a copy of UltraScope for waveform monitoring, and a full copy of DaVinci Resolve (a $995 value right there). You also get a nifty touchscreen display, newsworthy in its own right, that combines the form factor of an external recorder with the ease of an iPhone or iPad. No more iPhones hanging off the back of cameras or fumbling for buttons. You start to see where this company is looking for inspiration but also for a roadmap.


John_Cline wrote on 4/19/2012, 3:43 PM
I believe what you mean is that the "Sony camera division will be under siege"
Jay Gladwell wrote on 4/19/2012, 4:33 PM

Maybe he meant "under seas" as in sinking?

According to all these recent posts of doom and gloom, Sony had best just pack it in and go home. ;o)

farss wrote on 4/19/2012, 4:55 PM
Who knows what this person meant. Plus his post is 80% just copied from someone else.

John_Cline wrote on 4/19/2012, 5:42 PM
Look, Apple was written off many times and look at how it turned around. Sony just got a wake-up call and they will respond. I'm still a fan and I'm pulling for them.
deusx wrote on 4/19/2012, 10:17 PM
Let's not forget that 1/2 of the parts including sensors for these cameras could be made by Sony. For all we know it could be all Sony with a Blackmagic name slapped onto it.

This is what? A third game-changer announced this week? Do these people even know what the game is?

It's becoming quite ridiculous and no wonder most of these game changers are Mac based. Steve may be dead, but there's definitely no shortage of PR people channeling his bull$hit. Even their failure to grasp basic principles of logic is 100% pure papa Steve. Like how Smoke is a game-changer because it's an editor and compositor in one. Then in the next sentence they go on to tell us how well it works with FCP X. Am I the only one noticing the absurdity here?

Just checked out the vimeo page for this camera because specs do seem pretty good. It looks worse than anything I've seen shot with a GH2 or even Canon 7D. Either the specs are not all they are cracked up to be or this guy doesn't know what he's doing. ( yes, I know Vimeo compresses footage, but all of the GH2 samples on Vimeo are just as compressed and look better )
SuperG wrote on 4/20/2012, 12:05 AM
I don't see Sony as under any particular kind of directed siege, it's just that cost of materials for producing camera are being lowered.

All those point-and-shoot smartphones and cameras are underwriting the democratization of technology to the point where a company like Black Magic can obtain parts for much less than they could otherwise.

As for Mac folks, the culture there has always been an insular one with an emphasis on 'it just works'. Not that it 'works', but that these types could care less about how something works, but that it does. This is sort of like a person who drives a car but wouldn't know or care about the first thing to do to change the oil by themselves. This is encouraged by Apple and is reflected in both their advertising and their prices, and in the fact that many of the boutique vendors will make concessions to them.

PC folks are more rugged and are willing to try things differently on an economic basis. Apple folks though, are required to stay on Apples gravy train. Unfortunately for Apple though, technology advances so rapidly that Apple doesn't have time to create unique user interfaces that simplify and that 'make it work' - by that time, the competition has pulled ahead. As Apple get bigger it gets less and less and 'boutique' and their ability to cater to the smaller professional market diminishes. Things are getting to the point where some professionals will admit that there's little difference between PC and Macs - pick the one that runs the application you need.

Last thought: Apple seems to be transforming itself from an innovator into a rent-seeker - witness the price-fixing brouhaha. The App store is nothing more than a toll bridge that you can't easily get around - that and their whining about getting sued for patent infringement after having initiated scores of infringement suits themselves.