vtxrocketeer wrote on 10/8/2009, 6:31 PM
That looks VERY slick. Reminds me of Digital Juice products, but the DPack can be fully customized. For anyone who thinks BT generates only cheezy effects, this should put them in a different mind.
Tom Pauncz wrote on 10/8/2009, 6:44 PM
In one word - WOW!
CClub wrote on 10/8/2009, 6:48 PM
I'm one of those who thinks (correction: "thought"... past tense) that BT generated only cheezy effects. I love BT, but most "modern" looking effects I had to make from scratch. I really like the DPack... reminds me a lot of Sportscenter-esque graphics. I'll definitely be purchasing this and keeping an eye on the other upcoming packs. BT just jumped into the 21st Century!!!

Edit: You know what's crazy about that company, though? If you go to their main webpage -- -- there is NOTHING about this really cool new product. So I figure, of course there will be a link if I go to "Products"... NOTHING. Of course if I go to the Bluff Titler webpage they'll be highlighting these great new "shows" to use in BT... NOTHING. Really weird. There's something really likeable about that company. It's like their previous "shows" (templates) were stuck in 1930's-style graphics (picture "Reefer Madness" posters)... but their product is really versatile. I'm assuming they'll promote this eventually... right?... right?....
Harold Brown wrote on 10/8/2009, 7:08 PM
There is a link to BluffTitler.
See this page.
Also in the upper right you will see "About Us". It takes you to outerspace.

I have done some nice stuff with BluffTitler. Just because the examples or some features look a certain way does not mean that is all it can do.
Rory Cooper wrote on 10/8/2009, 10:46 PM
I have always said that BT is an amazing piece of software and it’s cube mapping is very good
To get the full advantage from BT you need to get bixangelo and bixorama..only few bucks extra
It also imports x files and the EPS extrusions are very good

I had a thread running a while back using Coral Draw for EPS conversion for Bluff as not all EPS worked and the CD EPS worked well

The last time I commented and said that they were doing themselves a disservice by there samples as BT was capable of very good stuff
On their site they said we love cheese… but they took it to a “high” level = Reefer you gotta love them

Dpack is a good reflection of Bluffs abilities,

thanks for the heads up guys

Laurence wrote on 10/20/2009, 9:40 AM
I just installed the first "DPack". Pretty amazing. Be aware that you need a pretty decent graphics card for these templates though.
mtntvguy wrote on 12/23/2009, 1:47 PM
Has anyone used these lately? They look awesome.

If my video card is good enough to play the demo, should it be good enough to use D-Packs (ATI Radeon 2600 Pro)?
jkerry wrote on 12/23/2009, 2:54 PM
I have puchased the first two packs. Haven't put them into any videos yet.

Been editing the ones I have. But I do like the idea of checking the cips out on the website and then being able to type what you want on the right nad side. When you down load it everything types is already in place. I only had to make some minor changes to the font sizes.

Rory Cooper wrote on 12/23/2009, 10:32 PM
used 2 already

made my own PNG’s = softer lit
the png solid blacks so its easier to generate = what you see = WYG, = you have to add additive fx for it to work

Dpacks very quick and easy to navigate
I found the x file’s that I generated and imported are flat they have a bevel etc but are treaded as 2d not 3d
So I need to check out why
Radio Guy wrote on 12/24/2009, 4:28 AM
Pretty powerful tools for the price. Have DP1 and DP2 as well. Bluff Titler Version 8 will be coming out soon. Funny Interface - Yet when you play with it it has loads of options and possibilities... the output is fantastic.
TheHappyFriar wrote on 12/24/2009, 4:58 AM
those look impressive. only complaint is that everyone does looks like that now. just like everyone does the cool AE moving-text-while-speaking thing (every stinking commercial almost!). People are so bombarded with the "cool" stuff I find nothing stands out.

But they are pretty cool looking. :)
Siby wrote on 7/10/2010, 4:02 AM
I purchased the Dpack and the BluffTitler DX9. I rendered my first video using the dpack. The output is crap. I have problem with the video card memory. Mine is ATI x1300 256mb. I am sure this is NOT enough for this program to work. What is video card I should buy in order to get this work?.