Bootcamp SATA RAID

JHendrix wrote on 5/15/2009, 8:40 PM
Im trying to get rolling in a Vista 32 Bootcamp partition and wondering if anyone has recommendations for:

A. Quad Interface 4-12 Bay w/ RAID (working perfectly in Vista with Vegas Pro)

B. SATA Interface 4-12 Bay w/ RAID (working perfectly in Vista with Vegas Pro)

C. SATA Connector for slot in MacPro (working perfectly in Vista with Vegas Pro)

Ramping up for an HD project and trying to sort out the best storage approach...


ritsmer wrote on 5/16/2009, 1:49 AM
Before you do more check how much memory Bootcamp allows your Windows to "see" (task manager). It is normally just 2 GB which is inadequate for serious editing.
After many recommendations I bought an double Xeon Quad Mac Pro machine - great, right? - just to find out that the Bootcamp/Windows combination cuts off access to any memory over 2 GB :-)
RNLVideo wrote on 5/16/2009, 7:03 AM

AFAIK, the bootcamp / 2GB issue is only under Win XP.

I'm on an older 2.16 GHZ MacBook Pro with 3GB RAM installed. I run Vista 32 bit, and when I boot via bootcamp, I see all 3GB.

From what I've read, XP 64, Vista 64 and Win 7 64 bit users are seeing all of their installed RAM; Vista 32 and Win 7 32 bit users are seeing 3GB (max for a 32 bit system). Granted, not everyone wants to mess with Vista, move up to 64 bit or take a chance on the release candidate version of Win 7.... But, since any 32 bit operating system can only see 3GB of RAM anyway (really 4GB behind the scenes), its really not much of a bootcamp limitation.

ritsmer wrote on 5/16/2009, 8:03 AM
It is all in the eye of the beholder - here the 2 GB limitation limits my editing to about max 10 minutes of video - given the media, that I use. Just one GB more would make miracles.
It also means that I can have only 1 instance of Vegas running at the same time - so no editing while rendering in the background - and that is really /comment deleted/

But No Problem: I am building a "parallel" machine with i7 940 CPU with 12 GB RAM for Win7 64 and Vegas 9.0x - and when all that works together - with plugins, scripts, my sound programmes etc. - and as stable as my XP SP3 and Vegas 8.0c - then I will sell the Mac Pro.

I just wanted to give my 2 cents so that JHendrix could avoid the same trap.
RNLVideo wrote on 5/16/2009, 10:10 AM
Sure, I completely understand... It just leaves me wondering if you've contemplated running an X64 version of Windows on your Mac so you can make use of all your RAM.

JHendrix wrote on 5/16/2009, 1:26 PM
It sounds like you all are saying that Im really not gianing in vista 32 and I could do just as good to run Vegas on an amd dual core.

and further that all the various intallations 64 xyz are experimental.

is there anyone that is running vista with Vegas 8c that is actually editing alot of video and not having tons of issues??

All i know is so far its been a nightmare and we havnt even gotten around to editing anything yet!

We were going to go with xp 32 but certian drivers (video card and network controller) wouldnt install in normal bootcamp/xp install.

we did a bunch of troublshooting and finally called Apple .

they suggested we install Vista to get the drivers working.

so we went and bought vista sp1 and intalled. after running all apple and windows and bootcamp updates we ended up with the same driver issue we started with.

we then called apple back and they said it was because we wee supposed to install vista 0 not vista sp1

so now we are stuck....just forget the whole thing and use a lesser powerful pc or continue to try and get the macpro actually working to the point that it ends up being worth all the extra trouble and drama.

RNLVideo wrote on 5/16/2009, 2:34 PM
JHendrix -

Wish I could help more, but my video needs are pretty simple (as is my setup). I'm on Vista 32 running V 8.0c, and I'm still editing SD. Having said that, my bootcamp setup was very painless - installed from a Vista Ultimate DVD two years ago (before SP1) and have kept it updated since. The updated (2.1?) bootcamp drivers fixed some minor issues I had early on (battery status & Airport, as I recall).

I've installed XP SP2 on bootcamp partitions at work with no driver issues (5 of them). These too are laptops; haven't done it on a tower. As I recall the routine, install XP and then immediately install the bootcamp drivers, then run Windows Update).

JHendrix wrote on 5/19/2009, 7:34 PM

I guess we'll give it a try....assuming we get SATA raid working right in Vista bootcamp
JHendrix wrote on 6/7/2009, 3:30 PM
back to the same question ---- what card/controller and 4-8-16-20 bay system using hardware RAID works in bootcamp vista?