Boris etc.

Widetrack wrote on 8/23/2019, 12:56 PM

About a year ago, when I was having ongoing crashes in VP 15, I followed the directions in one of Nick Hope's helpful post's and scrubbed all the Boris effects from Vegas and several folders scattered around my system. I'm on VP16 now, and it still has a bare-bones set of benign effects. Looking at VP17, I see Boris effects mentioned in promo pages here.

Is it safe to use these effects in VP17? How about 16? My transitions are looking like Dad's Oldsmobile right now, and I'm wondering if parting with another 250 bucks for 17 will get my videos somewhere near the current century.


andyrpsmith wrote on 8/23/2019, 2:12 PM

VP17 needs the very latest versions of Boris or you will have many crash issues.

(Intel 3rd gen i5@4.1GHz, 32GB RAM, SSD, 1080Ti GPU, Windows 10) Not now used with Vegas.

13th gen i913900K - water cooled, 96GB RAM, 4TB M2 drive, 4TB games SSD, 2TB video SSD, GPU RTX 4080 Super, Windows 11 pro

Widetrack wrote on 8/23/2019, 2:45 PM

Thanks, Andy. I assume the Boris plugs offered in the VP17 page will be the latest.

Carl-G wrote on 8/24/2019, 12:40 AM

I wrote elsewhere... but same applies here.

1. BorisFX Continuum (entire suite) plugins (in my observation) are Far better than built-in Vegas similar effects (superior effect/quality). .

2. BorisFX Continuum (entire suite) also has a variety of affects not in Vegas.

3. BorisFX Continuum (entire suite) license is:

a). Perpetual (with one upgrade allowed)
b.) Cross Vegas Version Compatible, but individual Boris 'Units' through Vegas are not cross version compatible.

4/ BorisFX Support features live knowledgeable, helpful techs who you can actually talk to for immediate help. If you allow, they will even offer to "Team viewer" remote on your computer to save time in trouble shooting.

Can't say enough about the product and help. (no, I'm not affilliated in any way - just satisfied customer).