BUG REPORT: Create Subclip, "Error occurred while creating proxy file for a stream"

jtu100 wrote on 12/8/2004, 5:45 AM
Software version: Vegas Video 5.0a build 134

Recreatable: Yes, 100%

Problem: missing audio tracks on subclips

Select a range of footage in the trimmer. Right click, select "Create subclip...".
NB. Video & project files etc are stored on an external hard drive. Status bar displays "Building audio proxy for al tape 1.avi} (35) [22754800000][75200000][0]", progress bar displays 0%. Video preview window displays black. Error message immediately appears (see Dialog box below). After clicking 'OK' as soon as you click anywhere on the trimmer timeline a timeline selection is created and it behaves as if you are holding down the left mouse button (even though you are not) i.e. as you move the mouse a selection is created from your original click point to wherever the mouse is positioned. Clicking mouse buttons has no effect (i.e. you might expect it to fix the selection). You must press escape key to return to normal behaviour. When subclip is inspected in trimmer, audio track is either displayed as "(Media offline)" so no sound, or the somtimes "(Building peaks...)" is displayed and audio tracks works as normal. Subclips then sometime have audio tracks, somtimes have audio track displayed as offline. Exiting the program and opening the subclip in trimmer causes building peaks message and audio track then works as normal.

Dialog Box:
"An error occurred while creating a proxy file for a stream."
"An unexpected error has occurred."

Computer Info (from vegas Help menu)

Operating System
Platform: Windows XP
Version: 5.01.2600 (Service Pack 1)
Language: English
System locale: English
User locale: English

Class: Pentium 4
Identifier: GenuineIntel
Number of processors: 1
MMX available: Yes
SSE available: Yes
SSE2 available: Yes

Primary: 1280x768x32

Physical memory: 1,042.8 MB
Paging memory available: 2,507.9 MB
Virtual memory possible: 2,097.0 MB


Spot|DSE wrote on 12/8/2004, 6:51 AM
First, upgrade to the latest build, that may fix the issue alone.
jtu100 wrote on 12/8/2004, 10:44 PM
I've checked the version history and it makes no mention of a fix for anything similar to the problem I am having.

Downloading 5.0b would be good advice were it not for the fact I am travelling and only have a 56k modem...
SonyTSW wrote on 12/9/2004, 7:39 AM
What codec is used for the audio stream in that avi? Do you have a small avi clip you could send to DrDropout that we could use to reproduce the problem?
jtu100 wrote on 12/10/2004, 5:01 AM
Codec is DV Audio, 32,000 Hz, 12 Bit, Stereo. Will have to look into getting some small AVIs to reproduce it - currently just have 12gb dumps from tapes and am using a 56k modem. Can u be more explicit about where i should send it if i do get an opportunity? Cheers.

PS. Upgrading to 5.0b didnt help at all...
SonyTSW wrote on 12/10/2004, 7:32 AM
I think I have an AVI that I captured a very long time ago from another app that has the audio stream encoded as DV audio. I'll see if I can repro your problem with my file.

What capture app are you using? Vidcap that ships with Vegas writes the AVI audio stream as PCM so most users don't run into this problem.
jtu100 wrote on 12/12/2004, 5:15 AM
I beleive it was all captured in Windows Movie Maker 2 (!). You might be able to reproduce it by using that to create an avi...
SonyTSW wrote on 12/15/2004, 8:57 PM
Other users have encountered problems in Vegas and Vegas Movie Studio when they try to read files created by Movie Maker. One problem I know of is under some conditions you can end up with an output file that has an audio stream that changes sample rate. Vegas requires a constant sample rate. I'm not sure if that is what you have here though.

If you search this forum and the Movie Studio forum for "Movie Maker" you'll find that users who have had trouble ended up recapturing using the video capture application that ships with Vegas.
farss wrote on 8/19/2006, 3:23 PM
This might work, don't have anything to try it on myself.
Drop the problem file back into WMM and render it out as a new avi.
Hopefully WMM will resample ALL the audio to 16/48K with which Vegas will be happy.

farss wrote on 8/20/2006, 6:06 AM
As far as I know DV Audio, Uncompressed audio and PCM is all the same thing, well actually I've worked on communication system where PCM audio was something rather different but the terms seems to get used regardless.

However if your audio tracks properties are showing as 16/48K I think that's to be expected if your problem is the same as jtu100s was. I suspect the problem is that the file in fact contains mixed 12/32K and 16/48K which Vegas cannot cope with. Vegas's video capture (VidCap) locks onto the first bit of audio it sees and resamples any other incoming audio to match by creating a substream. It expects that stream to be there but whatever you've used to capture hasn't created it hence Vegas has a fit.

So I'm hoping that by rendering it out all the audio will get resampled to 16/48K.

If that doesn't work the other option might be to split the original file into scenes, SCLive can do this. I'm assuming that the change in sample rate / bit depth matches a scene break.