[Bug ]The keyframe is automatically created.

lee-g wrote on 1/18/2020, 5:16 AM

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자동으로 키 프레임이 생겼다

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키 프레임이 자동으로 생성됩니다.


2020_01_20 add

my vegas pro and window version and vegas language


rraud wrote on 1/18/2020, 10:09 AM

'Sync Cursor' engaged?

Marco. wrote on 1/18/2020, 1:55 PM

I think the bug is that there will be a keyframe at a position which is completely different from the current cursor position. And even worse there will be keyframes created though "Animation" is not even selected.

But I cannot repro this bug with VP17 build 387. So maybe this is a bug of a former build or a bug bound to the particular localization version of VP.