[bug] Vegas 20 - plugin order corrupted

Foo-Bar wrote on 2/21/2023, 9:47 AM

In Vegas 20 the order of VST (both VST2 and VST3, 32 and 64bits) becomes distorted when you "switch" or "jump" from one plugin to another.


I've tested for weeks and these are my findings;

  1. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not (looks random to me)
  2. It only happens when fiddling with the so called plugin-chain window (tabs)
  3. Plugin order A - B - C will become something like A - C - B



Here you see some plugins, when I select a plugin (by left clicking on the appropriate tab) the "siblings" can take place of each other.

So the order can be switched from A - B - C, to B - A - C.

It doesn't happen all the times, but when it does, it (of course) also does corrupt the output.

When you right click on a plugin and select it, the bug doesn't happen (or at least not during my testing).

When you left click on the same plugin using the mixing console, no bug will happen.

When you right click on the plugin inside the mixing console, all goes well.

It makes editing almost impossible, because the behavior is so unpredictable and - like I said - the disrupted order will also adjust the final output.


The screen capture below will show how it works.

At first you have the MCompressor on the left and LoudMax on the right.

After clicking (sometimes it takes 1 click, sometimes more), the order is switched - and not because it should be.


(it's a link to an animated GIF which is not accepted in this forum)


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