Buggy custom keyboard shortcuts?

cadudesun wrote on 6/29/2020, 1:13 PM



I'd appreciate your feedback. I'm using Vegas 17 build 452.


a) I performed the customization of Vegas keyboard shortcuts considering:

- JogForward: X

- JogReverse: Z

After that, Ctrl+Z doesn't work anymore to undo, and Ctrl+X doesn't cut.


b) Then I tried to force the "undo" command by setting the Global shortcut Edit.Undo as Ctrl+Z.

Although "undo" started working again, Vegas doesn't perform a step-by-step "undo" I expected.

I mean, when I "undo" using the global Edit.Undo now, it performs more than one step each time I press the shortcut Ctrl+Z.

An example is to add 2 new tracks and press Ctrl+Z. The 2 tracks will disappear improperly. But if I click on the "undo" button on the toolbar, it works as expected (1 track removed for each 1 pressing of undo).


Here a screencast demonstrating the issue: 


By chance, anyone has experienced a similar bug with those keyboard shortcuts customization?


Thank you!


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