Burn failed- DVD not playable

aussiemick wrote on 10/17/2006, 12:08 AM
First time I have burned a coaster. I prepared the DVD in DVDA 4a and then proceeded to burn it.
The burn took a long time, 2 hours. It was as if the files were being re-written.When the burn was finished all that I could get on playing was the menu.
I opened the DVD and all the files were there but would not play. I tried playing the individual vob's and they played ok in media player.
Can anyone inform me of the errors of my ways. Burnt the project in Nero and it was fine.


ScottW wrote on 10/18/2006, 8:06 AM
This sounds like you incorrectly authored the DVD, or your DVD player can't correctly handle the instructions on the DVD about how to play it (unusual).

Did you drag your movies from the explorer onto the menu to do your authoring? Since you can see a menu, what happens if you click on one of the movie buttons (are there any)?

aussiemick wrote on 10/18/2006, 2:57 PM
Yes the files were dragged from explorer and the menu button appears and when you click it, it fails to play.
All works well in preview. Thanks for the reply Scott.