Geoff_Wood wrote on 4/1/2007, 6:15 PM
Hitting 'Enter' is a problem, but taking a disc out, putting one in, and hitting the 'close' button isn't a problem ??!!!

CD Architect is for authoring CDs, not for mass-production.

I suggest you check out DiscJuggler, and invest in multiple writers ! Or just use Nero - there is no particular benefit in burning with CD-A once the oruginal production master disc is made.

kbruff wrote on 4/2/2007, 4:05 AM
Very true
JimR wrote on 4/3/2007, 1:11 PM
I was not sure if I would get everything on the disc if I copied the master disc with Nero. I wanted to be sure the IRSC codes and stuff got on every disc.

Hitting 'return' was not the problem, it was more the waitinf until it was ready to accept the 'return' I was getting tired of. The Nero way of just starting the next disc when it is ready is a lot more elegant to me.

I record and mix in CuBase4, Master in Sound Forge 8 and burn discs with CD Architect - Please dont' tell me to get another piece of software ;-)


Geoff_Wood wrote on 4/4/2007, 1:36 PM
No, hardware too ! Unless you are happy to make 150 trips to the tip with your car instead of just a few trips using a trailer ! ;-)