Rahl wrote on 2/28/2002, 4:20 PM
I would stay away from external FireWire... FireWire is still too slow for Video or Audio editing. If you are using it for storage, it's ok I suppose. But again, looks and sounds fast, but it ain't fast enough...

-André Barriault
FadeToBlack wrote on 2/28/2002, 4:48 PM
deef wrote on 3/1/2002, 2:39 AM
Also, certain DV devices (e.g. Sony) work better when daisy-chaining than other devices (Canon/JVC). This may have to do with an issue of their chipset holding onto the 1394 bus incorrectly.
guitardaddy wrote on 3/1/2002, 8:33 AM
That's what I thought too. We're using AVID DVXpress on a Promax system and they recommend firewire for all additional storage.

My question was BUSlink specific. What are their firewire drives like - anybody using them???

Thanks again,

drbam wrote on 3/1/2002, 9:15 AM
I've used them (5400 speed) for backup and archiving of audio files. Obviously these are too slow for recording/playback of multitrack audio. But for me this is a relatively inexpensive way to avoid the labor intensive CDR backup. I usually work with long ambient/world tracks (often 10 min or more per track with albums always hitting the 74 min wall) so backing up to CDR is a real chore.
asafb wrote on 3/1/2002, 10:07 AM
I have the Cobra+ 80GB 7200RPM. Here's the results:

I have a laptop 700mhz computer (dell) with just 128mb ram
i've recorded 1 one hour clips
not ONE dropped frame

(so far!)

So I have had success ;)