Buss Question

Jameson_Prod wrote on 10/25/2003, 9:35 AM
I just upgraded from Vegas Audio 2.0 to Vegas 4.0. So far so good....compared to most post. One question I do have:

In VA 2.0, I could select ALL sound cards in my system during playback. I could set up buss routing to send certain tracks to my Delta sound card and use my system sound card (Creative) to monitor all other treacks. In Vegas 4, I have been able to route tracks ONLY to one sound card at a time.

Am I missing something or has this been taken out of Vegas 4??

To be honest, so far Vegas 4 has not been worth the upgrade from Vegas Audio. Video wise yes....audio no.

Thanks in advance for all replys.


Sari wrote on 10/25/2003, 11:52 AM
Full automation and FX automation. That alone is worth the upgrade and then some.

Try this:

Options>Preferences>Audio Device>Audio Device Type - Choose Windows Classic Wave Driver. You might be able to see all your Outputs then.

Good Luck.
pwppch wrote on 10/25/2003, 12:04 PM
If you are using ASIO drivers, then you cannot use multiple sound cards as this is a limitation of ASIO.

If you are using Wave Classic drivers you can

- Route the preview bus to any output
- Route the master bus to any ouput
- Rout any sub bus to any output

Select Wave Classic Drivers in the preferences.
Set the card you want to be used as you default output.
Click OK.

Open your mixer view and then as you add buses you can selectively route a bus to any hardware destination.

The routings and bus setup you make are per project and will be saved with the project and loaded back. Note that if the hardware is not available on a load, the default routing you set in the preferences will be used for any unavailable hardware.

This is in contrast to how Vegas 1/2 worked, where you set up a default routing matrix in the audio preferencs.


billybk wrote on 10/25/2003, 12:24 PM
"Full automation and FX automation. That alone is worth the upgrade and then some."

Yeah, that is nice......but the per-track live input monitoring and ASIO driver support is what made the upgrade worth it for me :) Being able to use my UAD-1 card with full automatic delay compensation in V4 and ACID 4 made the upgrade worthwhile for me. One thing I like about Vegas 4 and ACID 4's audio engine when using my UAD-1 DSP effects, is that the looping stays solidly in sync, whereas even in the latest SONAR 3, you still can't loop a project using PPI's without it losing it's ADC. Kudos to the R&D team for that.
If you are using the Window Classic Drivers, and not ASIO, you should still be able to choose mutliple audio devices in V4.

Billy Buck