Grazie wrote on 9/29/2006, 9:06 AM
Eh? Wotz them . .then?
JJKizak wrote on 9/29/2006, 9:12 AM
The round plastic cases that hold 50 discs for shipping. Or more or less.

Jimmy_W wrote on 9/29/2006, 9:47 AM
I use them to put all the wasted disc that I use, thinking I may use them some day. "right"
andremc wrote on 9/29/2006, 11:30 AM
i use them a couple of ways. right now i have two 50cd spindles in my car so that i can have something to listen to on the road. cd wallets are just too bulky. i also use them to organize dvd projects. one spindle with blank dvds, one with printed (on the disk face) ones, and one with burned copies. helps me out a lot. but then when i'm done with a project, i have a bunch of empty cakes laying around my house :(
baysidebas wrote on 9/29/2006, 11:33 AM
They're great for packing a couple of bagels for a snack.
riredale wrote on 9/29/2006, 4:52 PM
Bake a cake in them. A little cake. In the microwave.
winrockpost wrote on 9/29/2006, 4:57 PM

............They're great for packing a couple of bagels for a snack.


TShaw wrote on 9/29/2006, 5:19 PM
I've been wondering the same thing.

"They're great for packing a couple of bagels for a snack."

Thats as good as any. LOL.


farss wrote on 9/29/2006, 5:24 PM
That's why I always buy my media in pods of 100, the 50s don't hold enough bagels / donuts.
PeterWright wrote on 9/29/2006, 5:26 PM
I sometimes have to deliver quantities of DVDs or CDs to clients who are doing their own packaging - the disc forms part of a set with a Manual etc, so I keep these cases to put the discs in.

Another use is for archiving - to free up Hard Drive space, I put lots of back up data on CD or DVD, and I have one of these cases for each client for easy access to this data.

craftech wrote on 9/29/2006, 5:28 PM
Someone on another forum once suggested using the 50 DVD spindle in place of a whoopie cushion as a joke, but that isn't really very funny.

Now a 25 DVD spindle. That would be funny.

corug7 wrote on 9/29/2006, 5:37 PM
"Bake a cake in them. A little cake. In the microwave."

Or you could cut the post short and throw it in the Eazy-Bake.

"It uses a 100 watt bulb to bake a cake, but the secret ingredient is LOVE" - Sealab 2021
Grazie wrote on 9/29/2006, 10:55 PM
"They're great for packing a couple of bagels for a snack."

Yeah! You think? So what on Earth do you use Shrink Wrap for?

I do hope you realise this will mean wholesale redundancies for employees at such plastic lamina companies? Have you absolutley NO heart? At least please consider the children and the elderly being supported by the labours of these hard working individuals, making this stretchy, transparent stuff?

This IS recycling gone mad! We are on the road to lunacy.

Love it. A BAGEL box . .. Love it

baysidebas wrote on 9/30/2006, 1:23 PM
They work hand in hand to protect their interests. So Thomas bakeries came out with square bagels. Now I have to wait for square CDs and DVDs to supply me with carryalls.
corug7 wrote on 9/30/2006, 1:44 PM
"Yeah! You think? So what on Earth do you use Shrink Wrap for?"

You use it when shipping pallets of cakeboxes.
Chienworks wrote on 9/30/2006, 4:55 PM
Just remember, these things are not food-grade plastic. They are dirty and slimy, covered with processing chemicals. Wash them well before using them for food. Actually, wash them about 9 times before using them for food. Do not use them with any acidic liquid food, such as tomato sauce.

That being said, i have quite a few lying around the house, upside down on the floors, one or two in every room, full of water. The cats loving having their own individual water dishes always within easy, lazy reach. They all have to be rinsed and refilled daily though, not so much because the cats prefer it fresh (which they do) but water left sitting in them too long starts picking up perceptible amounts of chemicals from the plastic. A day isn't bad at all, but after a week the water starts smelings like the CDs that came packed inside.
RalphM wrote on 9/30/2006, 7:11 PM
Wash them well, rub the rim with lime juice, fill base with coarse salt, invert case, twist rim in salt, flip right side up, fill with lime juice, tequila, etc.

Contemplate Media Manager...
riredale wrote on 9/30/2006, 7:12 PM

Wait no longer. They're here.
TeeJay wrote on 10/1/2006, 7:49 AM
They keep my 2 year old little girl busy when she comes in to my studio. She loves em, and if she can't find any empty ones to play with, she'll gladly empty my full spools to play with! :o
vitalforce wrote on 10/1/2006, 7:55 AM
It's a magnet-proof way to archive a project. Takes time, but make a stack of sequential DVDs and put it in the cake box, the future is worry-free (relatively speaking).
MichaelS wrote on 10/1/2006, 8:09 AM
We paint ours red, put a tassle on top and crash Shriner conventions.