came out with huge file please

sopgia wrote on 11/28/2008, 7:13 AM
Hi, I'm totally new in vegas, I'm using vegas 9 and my handycam is sony hdr-sr10e. well, my project format is 1920x1080, the duration of the file is only 15 minutes; during the rendering I selected :
1, save it to my hard drive
2, format - video for windows avi
3, template - hd 1080 -50i YUV

However, an error came out and said "running out of disk space", the avi file has became 91,710.088 size!!! I first used the sony avc format but it didn't work then I tryed the windows avi for second times it come out with such huge file again and again, I simple don't know what has gone wrong, please help me and thank you so much.



ggrussell wrote on 11/28/2008, 7:18 AM
We would need more information on what purpose you want to output to recommend an output format. What are you going to do with the file? Burn to Bluray? Burn to standard DVD? Upload to Youtube? Each of these require a different file output.
sopgia wrote on 11/28/2008, 8:06 AM
right, i don't have a bluray burner, I'd like to burn it into a dvd disk with avchd format.

Eugenia wrote on 11/28/2008, 11:41 AM
use this if you are using vegas 8, or use the included AVCHD burning option on Vegas Platinum 9.
sopgia wrote on 11/28/2008, 3:18 PM
when I seclect rendering and burn instead of save it into my hard drive, which video format and video template should I use?

Video format - mainconcept MPEG 2 or sony avi?
video temple -bly-ray 1920x1080 50i 10 or 16 mbps video stream?

Eugenia wrote on 11/28/2008, 6:42 PM
That's because you were looking at the wrong exporting dialog. To burn an AVCHD DVD you need to select the option from the main menu of vegas, not from the render as dialog.
sopgia wrote on 11/29/2008, 4:24 AM
I was following the make movie wizard, just that don't know which are the right video format and template to choose for avchd video; 1 time I chose the sony avc - to save it to my hard drive it don't work, 2 time i chose to save it to my hard drive again with video format -windows avi then it came out with a huge file, 3 time, i did the same format again and it came out with huge file again, 4 time - i chose windows media video v11(wmv) format then is successful to save into my hard drive but is 1440x1080 not 1920x1080.

I find it hard to rendering a file with vegas others products are find with me.
Eugenia wrote on 11/29/2008, 10:33 AM
Did you do what I said above? The burning option is NOT in these movie output screens, it's an option in the MAIN menu of vegas.
sopgia wrote on 11/30/2008, 3:09 PM
I finally manage to render in mpeg-2 file, the quality is beautiful - but with 2 BUTs..
1- with video but no audio
2- unable to burn from the dvd architect studio 4.5; it said unsupported file

Any ideal why?? thanks a lot, cheers.
Eugenia wrote on 11/30/2008, 7:13 PM
Jeez. You just don't do what I said. And you come back here and YOU STILL say that you can't do it. I told you, the burning of BD disks is NOT in the exporting dialogs, it's in the MAIN MENU. The main main menu, the one that says "file, edit" etc. I can't tell you exactly where because I don't have Vegas on this machine. If you don't find it this time too, then don't come back here to shout about it.
fishbelt wrote on 12/1/2008, 11:42 AM
Here are a few picture that may help you understand. Go to the link. On may page look in pictures folder Sony Tuts. This may help you some. Vegas is a great editer but there is a learning curve involved. So keep the manual handy and practise on some of the things in. Will