Camtasia Style Arrows, Circles, etc?

frederick-wise wrote on 5/10/2016, 6:01 PM

Does anybody know if there is any software (free?) or any other method to add Camtasia style arrows, circles, highlights, etc. to Vegas? I have MOVAVI for a screen capture program and can find some nice arrows as PNGs on google but thought maybe there is something available specifically for Vegas Pro to do such screen tutorial type of videos.

Thanx, Fred


rs170a wrote on 5/10/2016, 6:43 PM
Use the Character Map tool that's a part of all Windows installs to find these. Look using either the Webdings or Wingdings fonts. When you find something you want, copy it and paste it into Vegas and then resize as needed. Use Pan/Crop or Track Motion to reposition it.

videoITguy wrote on 5/10/2016, 6:48 PM
The hint of Webdings is on the right track. What you are looking for are actually symbols created in TrueType fonts so that THEY are scaleable and can be handled within titler compositing such as would be used by VegasPro ProType titler function.

Many companies have issued truetype symbol libraries that go far beyond the standard Webdings.