johnmeyer wrote on 8/22/2005, 5:41 PM
No DVD can do this. DVDA has nothing to do with this limitation.
jeremyk wrote on 8/23/2005, 10:53 AM
I think you can have multiple subtitles in the SAME stream. I've done that when I needed italic and normal text in the same subtitle -- just generated an extra subtitle within DVDA and moved it on top of the other subtitle.

Try it.
klimvid wrote on 8/23/2005, 3:12 PM
I've tried moving subtitles over one another and they just push each other out of the way or cut holes to make room - only one shows at a time. Also tried selecting two subtitle tracks to show at once - no luck.

Seems like the overlay trick would be a nifty feature.
jeremyk wrote on 8/23/2005, 4:29 PM
OK, I have DVDA2 not DVDA3, but this probably still works.

1. Have your subtitle visible. Click on it in the preview window to select it.

2. Copy it (right-click Copy or ctrl-C).

3. Paste (ctrl-P).

4. You'll have a copy of the original subtitle. You can change the text (F2), and then drag the subtitle to wherever you want it on the screen. Both subtitles will show at once on the DVD.


edit: Note that you click on the subtitle in the preview window, not in the subtitle track on the timeline.
klimvid wrote on 8/23/2005, 6:49 PM
You have made my week, and it's only Tuesday! What a neat trick! It does work in DVD3.
Thanks, Jeremy.
klimvid wrote on 8/24/2005, 6:42 PM
More notes: you can hold CTRL and drag and copy subtitle boxes in the preview window, then change the text and position to whatever you like.

In some sections of this program I have as many as 4 different subtitles showing at the same time.

You can copy a subtltle box in one preview window, open another event preview window and paste it there and it will paste in the same position on the screen as it was in window it was copied from. This is useful if you have a label on a graphic, for example, that spans several subtitles.

jeremyk wrote on 8/25/2005, 11:11 AM
Ah, excellent. Thanks for the research!

So with just a little trouble, you can make subtitles do pretty much anything you want. This is good.
johnmeyer wrote on 8/25/2005, 12:33 PM
Unless I am missing something, none of this lets you show two subtitle streams at once; it just lets you show subtitles at more than one location at once. Am I missing something? Maybe I just misunderstood the original question which I thought was trying to ask if you could have the Italian and the French subtitle channels both enabled at the same time.
TheHappyFriar wrote on 8/25/2005, 7:41 PM
it was, but this seems to be a good hack for something simular.

usefull info though (hope this possible "bug" never gets fixed!)
klimvid wrote on 8/26/2005, 9:43 AM
johnmeyer - I think your confusion was caused by my not knowing exactly how to ask my original question.

What I wanted to do is have two or more subtitles of the same language appear in different places on the screen at the same time, as for when two people are talking at the same time or when there is narration and also graphics on the screen that needs subtitling.

Simultaneous channels would be one way to accomplish this but is not possible that I know of. But "stacking" subtitles in the preview window works very nicely for this.