Can I believe this????Can YOU??

darr wrote on 2/3/2001, 6:25 PM
I went to get another activation no. for our rig we changed
os on today{video probs} and guess what i get when i go to
re register?
You have reached your limit and need to call Sonic foundry.
What the hell!!!
On a weekend??
Of course no one is there at 6pm central time.
I am really going to lose biz this weekend!!!This is not
Has anyone had this mess?



Chris_L wrote on 2/3/2001, 6:54 PM
I CAN believe that there would be a limit, I CAN'T believe
they aren't warning people in advance.

If you'd known that your last auto-registration was your
last, i.e. if you'd been told at that time, then you
wouldn't have changed O/S on a weekend.

There should be a warning and SF need to address this.
Chris_L wrote on 2/3/2001, 6:57 PM
By the way, don't you even get the option of 7 days usage
before it expires?
PipelineAudio wrote on 2/4/2001, 12:15 PM
Use a cracked one, youve got no choice.