Can Not Render longer MPG movies

wvg wrote on 5/28/2001, 9:35 PM
I tired and tired to get ANY medium length (20-25 minute) mpg file to render. Video Factory locks up my PC, every file, every time if it is more than a few minutes into the render. Video Wave handles them without a hitch.

I have the latest drivers for my motherboard and video card. I have 256MB RAM. I have a 1 GB Swap File setup on a seperate drive. I have over 60GB free disk space. I have a super fast 1200MHZ AMD Thunderbird CPU with DDR memory.

Why does Video Factory lock up my PC so that I am forced to do a cold reboot constantly?

Same file can lock up at 2 minutes into the render, second time at 8 minutes, third time at 5 minutes and so on. It makes no sense.


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