Can now import OMF media from AVID and others

PicSync wrote on 2/12/2003, 3:21 PM
I have posted this in the video forum but thought it best here.

We can now import OMF files (audio only) into Vegas 3 or 4 via a program called "AV Transfer"

I tried the demo with an OMF 1 and 2 output from Avid Media Composer on a Mac.

Seems to work fine except the original clip names are lost but that could be me.

Here is the page:


Angels wrote on 2/12/2003, 9:04 PM

$ 799?!!?! ($ 999 for non downloadable!)

I guess there's currently no competition! ;)

PipelineAudio wrote on 3/9/2003, 4:00 AM
doesnt seem to be able to open mac pt files either
WT wrote on 3/10/2003, 3:41 AM
hmm.. Downloaded the demo which crapped out when I tried to import some openTL projects from the Tascam MX2424. Logic didn't have any problems opening these neither.

And seriously, they want people to pay $1k for this? I mean, even if it works beautifully, that seems awful steep... Please, SoFo, we're begging for .OMF/TL support! I really want to continue using Vegas, (its speed really can't be beat!) but it's getting harder and harder to, if it can't do this...

PipelineAudio wrote on 3/10/2003, 3:45 AM
what formats can PT export WITHOUT using digitranslator ?
axel wrote on 6/5/2003, 5:10 PM
Maybe you should try EDL Convert Pro: it supports OMF ( external and internal mode) adn the Vegas Text EDL format. These are the two formats that build the bridge between PT and Vegas.

We have just released an update + a new demo installer.
If you would like to try it, go to:

The version is limited: it reads only the first 23 entries. With that you should be able to test the software with small projects.

P.S.: If you think $799.00 is expensive, take a look at our offer...


Cui Bono Soft
ultrafinriz wrote on 6/27/2003, 4:15 PM
Nuendo V2 supports DX and BWF among others. Digital Performer can open protools session files. Mackie HD makes BWF and PT files aval for users. I'm happy with Vegas V2 (since no features have really been added since then) and would upgrade if there was BWF support.
Sony/SonicFoundry - it's up to you. There are many choices of DAW out there. It reminds me of how MAC had a 10 year leg up on IBM and still got squashed cuz they sat on their laurels. You have a great product. Please step up and deliver BWF and PT session support for your loyal customers - while they're still here!