Can't be sure why performance is choppy!

VideoGeek wrote on 4/9/2016, 2:54 AM
Hey and thanks for any help here.

I have choppy performance with Movie Studio 12, this usually happens when I apply effects such as quick bullet on a video track. I am confused because my CPU is not stressed at all when I am editing or going on the tracks with effects and my GPU usage is quite low too! All 4 of my cores seem pretty relaxed and my computer chilled!

I am baffled as in many cases (being a gamer) If the CPU or GPU is pushed hard you can see and hear from the computer fans the resulting problems. I have looked been using apps like GPU-z or Task Manager for the CPU and can't see anything out the usual!

My rig is a gaming one and I can run my games really nicely! Be great to see the videos stream well then have to make a render and hope for the best!

I'v re-installed and deleted the cache this week but any helpful advice would be great!

My Speckys!
Graphics: Nvidia GTX460 MSI Cyclone (Uses 2 6 pin adaptors) Yes it's a greedy card. I need to upgrade for sure!
CPU: core i-5 2500k 3.6ghz
OS: windows 7 HP
HD:2 Terabytes 2 Western Digital Drives
RAM: 8 gig DDR3 Kingston Hyper Memory
PSU Corsair 650 modular Power Supply!


musicvid10 wrote on 4/9/2016, 6:01 AM
Go to the Sony Knowledgebase and type in "smooth preview."
Search also for tips on this forum.
Most likely you will need to Prerender. That is normal.
Congratulations on your gaming experience. That has nothing to d with timeline performance..
UKharrie wrote on 4/9/2016, 6:33 PM
I'm unclear if your Choppy refers to 1) a Rendered movie, or 2) is this beforehand when using the Preview Window?
As I see it . . . .
& FWIW 1) - only playback on a dedicated player. Computers aren't always good enough, whereas a dedicated Media player is its only task.
2) check the Preview quality is as low as you can bare . . . while this will improve Edit effects and Audio effects BUT makes the Video choppy. I don't think you can have both as the preview is really Rendering - which involves millions of pixel movements and you are attempting to do this in real-time.