ponzan wrote on 11/25/2003, 6:14 PM
this fixed it: uninstall the program, delete its entries in the registry and then reinstall and re-register it again
ponzan wrote on 11/26/2003, 4:45 PM
PS: but now I can't open mp3s in SoundForge 70a !!!!!!!
mp3 had disappeared from the known media files in the open window and if dropped on SF an error message says "None of the files dropped on Sound Forge could be opened"
Exactly the same thing that was happening before with CDArch and mp3s

I've found that both programs install their own versions of the mp3 plugin files on the same folder (in my system that is J:\Archivos de programa\Sonic Foundry\Shared Plug-Ins\File Formats\MP3\) and the last program you install overwrites the previous files. The critical one seems to be "mp3plug.dll" since if I only change that for the one that comes in SF7, then CDArch stops opening mp3s. All other files in ...\Shared Plug-Ins\File Formats\MP3\ folder (mp3rw.dll, mp3_20.udat, jpn_mp3_20.udat) can be replaced for their SF7 version and CDArch still opens mp3s. (Actually CDArch has mp3_20.udat and SF mp320.udat, but that doesn't seems to make any difference; having both don't changes a thing).
Unffortunately, simply replacing CDArch version of these files with the ones in SF7 doesn't make SF7 open mp3s again.

So, it seems to me that these programs use uncompatible versions of the mp3 plugin. If this is so,

is it possible to make each program to install their mp3 plugin files on different folders?
will we need a new update or patch here?
is it something else that's wrong ?

I need both programs working together as they should :(
ponzan wrote on 11/30/2003, 7:49 PM
I had to completely uninstall everything, CDArch5 and SF7, erase all traces of the programs on the Hardrive and registry, install first Sony SF7 and last CDArch in order to have each program with it's own shared plugins folder, and now it seems averything is working as it should, after quite some time putting all together again, options, toolbars, etc. ( I'm affraid I might have loose my plugin presets too... but that's enough for my sunday afternoon)